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Hunhau was a sparsely inhabited class M planet in Emerald Chain territory. The sole population center on the planet was a private salvage yard managed by Tolor, which was protected by heavy shielding and auto-defense systems. There was a large debris field in orbit left by the Burn, along with many derelict starships from earlier eras, including Hiawatha-type, Cardenas-class, and Hoover-class vessels.

In 3189, Cleveland Booker was captured by the Emerald Chain while attempting to acquire a black box on Hunhau. Consequently, Michael Burnham and Philippa Georgiou undertook an unsanctioned mission to the planet in Booker's ship, Georgiou posing as a buyer of pre-2400 technology and Burnham her servant. They engineered a mass escape of the slave laborers, after which Georgiou sent several derelict ships crashing into the salvage yard, destroying it. (DIS: "Scavengers")

Osyraa subsequently arrived at Hunhau aboard her flagship, the Viridian. Inspecting the ruins of the yard and noting that Tolor had lost Ryn, she beamed him to her vessel to be devoured by a trance worm. (DIS: "The Sanctuary")

Hunhau is the Mayan god of the underworld.
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