Original Airdate:1998-02-11
Production Number:183
Story by:Jeri Taylor
Directed by:David Livingston

Voyager receives a message from Starfleet containing letters from the crew's friends and family.



Background Information

Tiny Ron is best known for his role as Maihar'du on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


  • After arriving at the relay stayion and discovering its power source, Chakotay remarks "That someone has managed to contain a singularity, construct a space station around it and tap its power... That's fascinating." Apparently Chakotay has never heard of the Romulans.

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Alpha Quadrant; anti-thoron burst; artificial quantum singularity; Ashmore; Atara; Ayala; Bajoran wormhole; Chakotay; coffee; Dominion; Dorado; Fitzpatrick; Gamma Quadrant; Golwat; Hirogen; Hirogen communications network; Hirogen ship; Kathryn Janeway; Mark Johnson; kedrik; Harry Kim; Kyoto; Maquis; Molly; monotanium; monotanium armor plating; Neelix; Susan Nicoletti; Owen Paris; Tom Paris; Michael Parsons; Pon farr; quantum singularity; Roberto; Sek; Seven of Nine; Species 5174; Starfleet Command; subnucleonic beam; Sveta; Temple of Amonak; T'Meni; T'Meni; B'Elanna Torres; T'Pel; Trakan beast; Tuvok; USS Voyager

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