Hutet labor camp

The Hutet labor camp was a Cardassian labor camp on Cardassia IV, under the command of a Cardassian prefect. The compound was surrounded by a standard Cardassian force field, which could be operated by a hand-held remote control.

It was one of the few places that still held Bajoran prisoners of war in 2370, a full year after the end of the Occupation of Bajor. Prisoners held there were assigned the task of collecting rocks in baskets.

That year, Boslic freighter Captain Rionoj visited the camp, where she was given a Bajoran earring by a Cardassian maintenance worker that belonged to Li Nalas.

A short time later, Kira Nerys and Miles O'Brien traveled to Cardassia IV aboard a runabout to search for Li, only to discover around a dozen Bajoran prisoners held in the camp. After a daring rescue attempt, several of the prisoners were released.

Following the runabout's escape from Cardassia IV, in an attempt to cover up the incident, Gul Dukat relayed a message from the Cardassian High Command stating that they had issued a formal apology to the people of Bajor. Dukat claimed that the High Command had no idea that Bajoran prisoners were still being held at Hutet. Those prisoners left behind were to be transported back to Bajor; meanwhile the camp prefect would be chastised accordingly. (DS9: "The Homecoming")


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