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A spoonful of I'danian spice pudding

I'danian spice pudding recommended at the Replimat

I'danian spice pudding was a rich dessert, white with a creme top, a favorite at the Replimat on Deep Space 9's Promenade. (DS9: "The Homecoming")

The delicious delight was a particular favorite of Jake Sisko and Julian Bashir, among others. (DS9: "The Search, Part I", "Afterimage")

When Quark had apparently repaired his replicators in 2369, he convinced Jadzia Dax to eat a double-whipped I'danian spice pudding, which unfortunately infected her with the aphasia virus. (DS9: "Babel")

In 2370, after he had nearly died, Elim Garak simply asked Bashir how the I'danian spice pudding was today. (DS9: "The Wire")

In 2371, when Jake Sisko was on Earth, he made an attempt at finding a decent bowl of this pudding on Earth. He tried several replicators without success. Upon arriving home at Deep Space 9, he ordered a bowl of this pudding. (DS9: "The Search, Part I")

Later that year, Quark also served the pudding at the party given by Commander Sisko during the Bajoran Gratitude Festival. (DS9: "Fascination")

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According to, this dessert came from the planet I'dania (pronounced "ih-DANN-ee-uh").

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