The IKS Devisor was a Klingon D7-class battle cruiser that was in service with the Klingon Imperial Fleet during the late 2260s.

In 2269, the Devisor was under the command of Captain Koloth, following his captaincy of the IKS Gr'oth. While under his command, the vessel was equipped with a projected stasis field, a weapon capable of disabling the warp drives and completely paralyzing all the vital systems of enemy ships.

In that year, the Devisor pursued a Federation scout ship piloted by Cyrano Jones, a Federation citizen who was responsible for causing "ecological sabotage" to a Klingon planet and stealing a Klingon glommer. Despite violating Federation space, the pursuit ended with the Devisor destroying the scout ship with its disruptors, but not before the pilot was beamed aboard the nearby USS Enterprise.

The Devisor then faced-off with the Enterprise, under Kirk's command, in order to retrieve Jones, and was initially successful at immobilizing it upon firing the projected stasis field. (TAS: "More Tribbles, More Troubles")



Background information

While failing to answer Kirk's request to "identify yourself" multiple times in the episode, the name for this vessel does appear in the script notes from the draft dated 23 April 1973. Here episode writer, David Gerrold, plainly stated that: "Its name is Devisor. The hawk-shaped vessel approaches swiftly, menacingly." This information was later used for entries in the Star Trek Concordance (pgs 96, 149, 162) and Alan Dean Foster's novelization of the episode found in Star Trek Log 4.

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