Crew of the IKS Drovana in 2372.

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Wounded Klingons Drovana

Two injured Drovana Officers.

Two injured crew of the forty-five injuries treated by Julian Bashir following an explosion aboard the Drovana. Among these forty-five casualties were fifteen cases of severe radiation burns, seven thoracic perforation traumas caused by shrapnel and twenty-three decompression-related injuries. (DS9: "Sons of Mogh")

It would not be unreasonable to assume that one of these individuals is the real Commander Sorval and the other Klingon whose identity was used by Kurn.

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Drovana lieutenant

Drovana Officer.

This lieutenant served aboard the Drovana when it was docked at Deep Space 9 for repairs in 2373.

Inside the ship's computer room, he happened upon Worf (under the alias of "Sorval") and Kurn after they had infiltrated the ship to obtain the detonation codes for the minefield the Klingons were constructing outside Bajoran space.

When the officer began asking "Sorval" questions about who he was, and how long he had been serving aboard the ship, Worf deflected the officer, by warning him that "I will not be questioned by a Lieutenant who should be cleaning my quarters. Leave us, or I shall have you stripped of rank and sent home in a transport!"

After Worf believe the officer to be backing away, stated that his words were "ill-chosen", Kurn produced a disruptor, pushed Worf aside, and killed the officer. Worf questioned Kurns actions, before Kurn revealed that the officer had produced a d'k tahg and was going to stab Worf.

Following his death, the troubled Kurn expressed the dismay in what he had done, stating that "he was a warrior... doing his duty... defending the Empire. And I killed him... My dishonor is complete." (DS9: "Sons of Mogh")

This lieutenant, identified as "Klingon Officer" in both the script and the episode's end credits, was played by actor Elliot Woods.
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