The IKS Somraw was a Klingon Raptor-class scout vessel that was in service with the Klingon Imperial Fleet in the mid-22nd century.

In 2151, the Somraw attacked and raided a Xarantine outpost. Among the goods the Somraw crew stole from the outpost was some Xarantine ale. After drinking the ale, however, the crew became infected with a deadly toxin. Sometime later, the Somraw was disabled in an attack by a Xarantine ship and forced to hide in the atmosphere of a class 9 gas giant while they made repairs. Before the repairs could be completed, however, most of the crew fell victim to the toxin from the Xarantine ale and collapsed, leaving the Somraw in a decaying orbit.

The Somraw was later discovered by the crew of the United Earth starship Enterprise. Investigating what he thought was a shipwreck, Captain Jonathan Archer had an away team board the Klingon vessel. Once inside, however, the away team was stranded on the doomed vessel when their shuttlepod was taken by the only conscious Klingon crewmember, Bu'kaH. With no way to leave the ship, the away team attempted to repair the vessel. However, they ultimately escaped by using the ship's complement of photon torpedoes to push the Somraw into a higher orbit. Bu'kaH, who had been captured by Enterprise, was then brought aboard to help the away team complete the rest of the repairs. Once the repairs were complete, and with the crew now cured thanks to a treatment devised by Doctor Phlox, the Somraw was able to free itself from the planet's atmosphere. (ENT: "Sleeping Dogs")

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In Klingonese, the word "somraw" literally means "muscle".

The Starships RPG sourcebook uses the spelling "SamraH" and gives its registry as IKS-173.

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