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The ISS Charon was a Terran Charon-type starship that was in service to the Terran Empire Starfleet in the mid-23rd century. Its captain was Maddox. Along with serving as the flagship of the Terran fleet, this vessel housed the palace of the Terran emperor, Philippa Georgiou.


The Charon was launched in 2255 from the Imperial Shipyard at Epsilon Indi IV. (DIS: "Terra Firma, Part 1")

In 2256, the Charon launched an orbital bombardment against rebels on Harlak, devastating a large area of the planet. (DIS: "The Wolf Inside", "Vaulting Ambition")

Following this strike, the Emperor commanded Michael Burnham to deliver Gabriel Lorca to her aboard the Charon. Unbeknownst to Burnham, who believed Lorca to be the one from her own universe, Lorca was using her to board the Charon in an attempt to seize the throne for himself. After escaping his agony booth, he released his followers and launched his coup. They managed to eliminate Georgiou's forces and took control of the throne room, but were undermined when Georgiou and Burnham were brought in as prisoners by Lorca's troops. While this was occurring, the Federation starship USS Discovery dropped out of warp on Burnham's command and opened fire, damaging the throne room. This gave Burnham a chance to drop the containment field around the Charon's mycelial power core so the Discovery could destroy it. During this attack, Georgiou killed Lorca, and she and Burnham were beamed to safety aboard the Discovery. As Lorca's troops moved to re-take control, Discovery opened fire on the Charon's power core, obliterating the vessel. (DIS: "What's Past Is Prologue")

In the 32nd century, the Federation had information on this ship in their database. (DIS: "Die Trying")



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In Star Trek Online, the wreckage of the Charon is scattered through space and time, some of it eventually coming to rest on the planet Pahvo in the 25th century. The Charon also inspired two dreadnought designs, both of which are obtainable as playable ships: The Styx, built in the same era and along the same lines as the Charon, and its 25th century refit, the Acheron, which serves as the flagship of Emperor Wesley Crusher.

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