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For the prime universe counterpart, please see USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).
"I command an Enterprise where officers apparently employ private henchmen among the crew, where assassination of superiors is a common means of advancing in rank."

The ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a Terran Constitution-class battle cruiser that was in service to Starfleet in the mid-23rd century.

Service history

Sometime prior to 2267, James T. Kirk took command of the Enterprise through the assassination of Captain Christopher Pike. Kirk then ended the Gorlan uprising by taking the ship to the rebel homeworld and destroying the planet. Shortly afterward, the Enterprise visited Vega IX where Kirk had five thousand colonists executed.

In 2267, the Enterprise was on a mission to the Halkan homeworld to secure the Halkans' submission to the Empire, in the form of mining rights to the dilithium crystals on the planet. With the Halkan refusal, the landing party consisting of Kirk, CMO Leonard McCoy, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, and Communications Officer Nyota Uhura were transported back to the ship through an ion storm that was in the area. The landing party that rematerialized was from another Enterprise in a parallel universe.

ISS Enterprise warp nacelles

The Federation Constitution-class heavy cruiser USS Enterprise was almost identical in configuration to the ISS Enterprise of the 2260s, bearing the same registry, NCC-1701. Externally, the ISS Enterprise's warp nacelles were also of a different design, containing pointed bussard collectors at the front and vented plasma ducts at the rear of the nacelle. In some ways, this nacelle design was similar to that used in the prime universe during the 2250s. (TOS: "The Cage")

Additional minute details included the dagger emblem of the Terran Empire painted on all doors, and agony booths to keep the crew in line. The use of armed soldiers in the corridors and agonizers was also commonplace. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

Command crew

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Background information

Profile of remastered revisions

The producers wanted to show the ISS Enterprise flying from right to left rather than the normal left-to-right motion of the regular version. However, the Enterprise model was only built to be filmed from one side, as the other housed supports and wires and was not detailed. The effects crew ended up using a shot where the registry decals had been redone in reverse, and "mirroring" the film (reversing it) after the model was shot.

The 2006 "remastered" version of "Mirror, Mirror" featured a new, computer-generated version of the ISS Enterprise. While generally faithful to the original, the new version featured correct ISS markings and a darker, gunmetal gray hull coloration, as well as features reminiscent of the two-pilot episode shooting models, such as a larger bridge dome and deflector shield and antennas in front of the engine nacelles.


As depicted in the Star Trek: Mirror Universe novel The Sorrows of Empire, Spock murdered the mirror Kirk and thereby assumed the captaincy of the ISS Enterprise almost immediately after the events of "Mirror, Mirror". It was refitted in the 2270s (just as in the prime universe) and served as Spock's flagship until he became emperor in 2277. He was succeeded as captain by the mirror universe counterpart (β) of Kevin Riley, who was in turn succeeded by the mirror counterpart (β) of Saavik when Riley was promoted to the admiralty in 2287. Whereas its primary universe counterpart was destroyed in 2285 as shown in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, the ISS Enterprise survived until the conquest of the Terran Republic (β), the successor state of the Terran Empire, by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in 2295.

The ISS Enterprise, circa 2257

In the fourth issue of the comic Star Trek: Discovery - Succession, set in 2257, the ISS Enterprise is briefly shown in the epilogue as the current captain of the ship comments about the shocking state of affairs that saw the Terran Empire move through four emperors within a span of weeks, ending with Airiam (β) taking the throne. The current captain of the Enterprise is not revealed but does imply that Spock is their first officer.

In the comic Star Trek: Hell's Mirror, Kirk sacrifices the ISS Enterprise including much of his bridge crew in order to gain the trust of Khan Noonien Singh (β), who is acting as the new rebel leader opposing the Empire.

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