"Killing your own clone… is still murder."
– Odo to Ibudan, 2369 ("A Man Alone")

Ibudan was a clone of Ibudan created in 2369 for the sole purpose of being murdered by the latter as part of a plot to frame Odo. Due to the fact that this clone was created by tri-phasic cloning, he had a particular characteristic gene-sequence degradation.

While visiting Deep Space 9 on Stardate 46384, this Ibudan entered Quark's Holosuite 4 at 1700 hours 16 minutes, where he ran the Lauriento massage holoprogram 101A. While receiving his massage, his female masseuse was pushed and the clone was stabbed by a large knife thrust directly between the left and right thoracic vertebrae, perforating the lower ventricle of the heart. At 1700 hours 29 minutes, the holosuite door opened again and then murderer, Ibudan, left the scene.

During the later investigation, it was determined as the holosuite was secured and only Ibudan's DNA was found, it appeared as if only Odo could have entered the program and committed the crime. This was corroborated by Ibudan's calendar, which noted that he had a meeting with Odo at 1700 hours. (DS9: "A Man Alone")

This clone was played by Stephen James Carver.
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