Ih'valla was one of the D'jarras in the ancient Bajoran caste system. Members of the Ih'valla D'jarra were artists and sculptors, and ranked higher than members of the Te'nari D'jarra.

Based on her family name, Kira Nerys would have been a member of the Ih'valla D'jarra. In 2372, when Akorem Laan returned from the Bajoran wormhole and was briefly believed to be the Emissary of the Prophets, he called on all Bajorans to return to their D'jarras, a system which had been abandoned during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. Kira attempted to follow the Ih'valla D'jarra by sculpting birds out of clay, with little success. Under the advice of Vedek Porta, Kira planned to resign her post in the Bajoran Militia and become an apprentice to an artist in the capital of the Dahkur Province. She abandoned these plans after the Prophets returned Akorem to his native time and clarified that Benjamin Sisko was indeed the Emissary. (DS9: "Accession")

According to the script, this caste's name was pronounced as "ih VAUL-uh". [1]

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