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Illusion Arts

Illusion Arts, Inc. was a special effects company that specialized in matte paintings. They worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek Nemesis. The company was founded by Syd Dutton and Bill Taylor in 1983 and closed its doors in 2009.

Employees who worked on Star Trek

(This list is currently incomplete.)

  • Syd Dutton
  • Bill Taylor
  • Mannix Bennett
  • Fumi Mashimo
  • Mamie McCall
  • Kelvin McIlwain
  • Kenneth Nakada
  • Richard Patterson
  • Mark Sawicki
  • Robert Stromberg
  • Catherine Sudolcan
  • Ron Thornton
  • Mike Wassel
  • David S. Williams
  • Adam Kowalski
  • Lynn Ledgerwood
  • Mary Manning
  • David Williams

Star Trek work

(This list is currently incomplete.)

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