The following is a list of illusory starships.



Beta XII-A ship Edit

In 2268, the USS Enterprise received a distress call from the colony on Beta XII-A in which they said that an unidentified ship was attacking them. Upon approaching the planet, the Federation starship failed to detect the ship. (TOS: "Day of the Dove")

The distress call, and the colony, were a fabrication of the Beta XII-A entity.

Borg sphere Edit

Photonic cannon

A Borg sphere destroyed by the photonic cannon in one of The Doctor's daydreams

In 2376, The Doctor enhanced his program so he could experience daydreams. In one of these, a Borg sphere attacked the ship and incapacitated the bridge crew. The Doctor activated the Emergency Command Hologram and took command. He tried to convince the Borg to stop their attack, but the Collective insisted that "You will be assimilated". The ECH then activated the photonic cannon and destroyed the sphere with a single shot. (VOY: "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy")

This sphere was not real, as it only existed as part of a daydream.

Delta Rana warshipEdit

See main article: Delta Rana warship

Kobayashi Maru scenario Edit

IKS Amar with support ships

Three cruisers in formation

These three battle cruisers were used in the Kobayashi Maru scenario. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

Nagilum's warbird Edit

Nagilum warbird

Nagilum's warbird

This illusion of a D'deridex-class Romulan warbird was created by Nagilum. It opened fire on the USS Enterprise-D, which returned fire and destroyed the warbird with a single photon torpedo. Captain Picard noted that "that was too easy" and Data detected no debris from the Romulan ship. These were signs that something strange was going on. (TNG: "Where Silence Has Lease")

Worf's warship sensor ghostEdit

Romulan warship wargame

False warship image

During Operation Lovely Angel, Worf tricked the sensors of the USS Enterprise-D into believing that it was under attack by this Romulan warship. (TNG: "Peak Performance")

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