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"People of Solum, do not embrace Asencia's war. I have met the off-worlders. They're not the enemy. Look around at what she's done to our once peaceful planet -- the fear in our streets. Rise up. Let our voices be heard. There is no barrier we cannot overcome, for we are Vau N'Akat."
– Ilthuran, 2385 ("Touch of Grey")

Ilthuran was a 24th century Vau N'Akat male astronomer.

The Diviner, a future version of Ilthuran from the 25th century, traveled back in time to the 24th century and became the father of Gwyndala.


Early life[]

Ilthuran was an astronomer, despite other inhabitants of Solum caring little about the stars. While other Vau N'Akat believed that they were the only intelligent species in the universe, he dreamed of the existence of life outside of his home planet and of one day making contact with other intelligent beings. (PRO: "Into the Breach, Part II")

Meeting Gwyndala[]

In 2384, due to the timeline having been altered by his future self's time travel into the past, Ilthuran met Gwyndala, a female clone raised by the Diviner as his daughter. Having come to save Solum from the future that the Diviner camefrom, Gwyn found herself foiled by Asencia and sought the help of the present day version of her father. Ilthuran was excited by meeting his daughter and finally getting the proof that he longed for of other life in universe while Gwyn was surprised by how different the kind-hearted Ilthuran was to the tyrannical father that she knew. Ilthuran helped Gwyn seek answers on how to prove herself as a true Vau N'Akat from the Arcanum and the Lorekeeper, the latter of whom Gwyn briefly mistook for the Diviner's Drednok. (PRO: "Into the Breach, Part II")

With Ilthuran's help, Gwyn challenged Asencia to Va'Lu'Rah, but lost, devastating Ilthuran. (PRO: "Who Saves the Saviors")

After the fight, Ilthuran descended into the cavern to help his daughter who was phasing in and out of existence due to the accidentally altered timeline. Unable to move Gwyn, Ilthuran simply stayed with his daughter, asking about her friends and his future self, seeking to avoid the mistakes that he'd made as the Diviner. Eventually, Gwyn's friends arrived to rescue her after converting the Infinity into a makeshift timeship. Ilthuran was amazed to meet lifeforms from other worlds, but Gwyn's friends were distrustful of him due to their past with the Diviner. Gwyn and Ilthuran expressed hope that they would see each other again someday, and Ilthuran promised to do what he could to stop Asencia. Ilthuran asked Gwyn's friends to look after his daughter for him before they left Solum. (PRO: "Temporal Mechanics 101")

Stopping Asencia[]

Following Gwyn's departure from Solum, Asencia established herself as a tyrannical dictator over the planet, overthrowing and imprisoning the council. With the help of Asencia's younger self who was horrified at the monster that she would become, Ilthuran organized the Uprising against her, eventually discovering that Asencia was building a fleet using mysterious temporal technology. (PRO: "Ascension, Part I", "Ascension, Part II", "Brink")

Ilthuran managed to use the downed Sacagawea to connect to the Watson Subspace Relays and contact the USS Voyager-A to warn Starfleet about Asencia's rise to power and her new weaponry. However, he was captured by Asencia who traced the transmission and sent the Rev-1 to destroy Voyager and the USS Protostar. The two vessels managed to destroy the Rev-1 and Starfleet sent Voyager and the Protostar to Solum to find the source of Asencia's new weaponry and stop it at all costs. (PRO: "Ascension, Part I", "Ascension, Part II")

Gwyn led a team consisting of herself, Dal R'El, Rok-Tahk, Jankom Pog, Murf, Zero and Maj'el to Solum to find the source of Asencia's weaponry and rescue her father. After learning from the younger Asencia that the source of the temporal weaponry was Wesley Crusher, Gwyn sent Dal, Maj'el, Jankom and the younger Asencia to rescue Ilthuran while the others went after Wesley. Dal's team was able to rescue Ilthuran, Kathon and Borom as they were about to be taken to the Wastes and Ilthuran sent the others to the Uprising for safety.

However, Wesley revealed that the Protostar crew were never meant to rescue Ilthuran who would've been fine and overthrew Asencia had the ship been sent back in time to repair the timeline. Ilthuran would've gone on to lead Solum into a better future. Because the team was split, Asencia was able to capture the crew, Ilthuran and Wesley, leaving her with the chance to eliminate the biggest threat to her power and keep the source of her new technology, threatening to make her unstoppable. Before Ilthuran could be executed, Gwyn had Dal use a site-to-site transporter to beam Wesley and Ilthuran to Voyager, removing them from Asencia's clutches. (PRO: "Brink")

Ilthuran was granted political asylum onboard the Starfleet ships by Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway and he aided in planning the rescue of the Protostar crew, including by helping Hologram Janeway to use the Protostar's vehicle replicator to create a Vau N'Akat ship for the mission. After the successful rescue, Ilthuran made a broadcast to his people calling for them to reject Asencia's war against the Federation and to rise up against her, causing a full-scale civil war to break out for control of the planet. (PRO: "Touch of Grey")

As Asencia started to launch her fleet, Voyager and the Protostar attacked to buy time for the Protostar crew to open a wormhole to Tars Lamora in the past. Ilthuran beamed down to the planet's surface with Gwyn, Dal, Jankom and Murf to use Asencia's technology to open the wormhole. When several Drednoks attacked, Ilthuran stayed behind to hold them off with a phaser. While Gwyn fought Asencia and Murf destroyed Asencia's Drednok, Dal and Jankom managed to open the wormhole, causing the ones that Asencia had opened to close on her ships, destroying them. Finding Asencia about to kill his daughter, Ilthuran lent her his strength, followed by all of the rest of the Vau N'Akat, allowing Gwyn to defeat Asencia. (PRO: "Ouroboros, Part I")

However, as Asencia was taken into custody for her crimes, the Loom swarmed out of the wormhole to consume the prime universe due to the temporal paradox. Ilthuran stayed behind to help his people, sending Gwyn with her friends to send the Protostar to the past. Once the Protostar was sent to Tars Lamora with the help of Voyager, the timeline was repaired and the Loom returned to their own dimension. (PRO: "Ouroboros, Part II")

A Better Future[]

With the timeline repaired and Asencia defeated, Janeway landed Voyager on Solum to officially make peaceful first contact between the Federation and the Vau N'Akat. Ilthuran led his people during the meeting, shaking hands with Janeway and hugging his daughter as Voyager's crew and the Vau N'Akat mixed with each other. Now aware of the dangers and wonders of the galaxy and what would become of their planet in the future had things not changed, the Vau N'Akat were left heading towards a better future and peaceful relations with the Federation. (PRO: "Ouroboros, Part II")

Wesley suggested that Ilthuran would end up leading his people into a better future after Asencia's defeat, although it was unclear if this was altered by Ilthuran's rescue from captivity which didn't happen in the future Wesley foresaw which had Ilthuran become the new leader of Solum following his defeat of Asencia. However, Ilthuran's leading presence at first contact with the Federation would suggest that he did indeed become the leader of his people or at least one of their leaders. (PRO: "Brink", "Ouroboros, Part II")

The Diviner[]

"Starfleet lit the fire and left us to burn. After their mere arrival, civil war splintered our people between those aligned with the Federation and those who would die to preserve our way of life. But history can be rewritten."
– The Diviner, 2384 ("A Moral Star, Part 2")


Early life[]

Ilthuran was originally "a lonely astronomer on a planet that cares nothing about the stars" and dreamed of life on other worlds. (PRO: "Into the Breach, Part II")

The Order[]

At some point in the future in another timeline, the Vau N'Akat witnessed the arrival of the United Federation of Planets on his homeworld of Solum. Ilthuran was one of those who were open to the opportunities brought by Starfleet. After his civilization destroyed itself through a civil war, he joined a group known as The Order who traveled back in time through a collapsing wormhole to find the USS Protostar and prevent first contact with the Federation, the apparent catalyst for the war. Like the one hundred other agents sent through the anomaly to recover the living construct, he abandoned his identity and became "The Diviner". (PRO: "A Moral Star, Part 2", "Preludes")

Details from "A Moral Star, Part 2" suggest that the earliest possible time that the Diviner could originate from is sometime in the mid-25th century. Further information from "Supernova, Part 2" suggests a date of roughly 2436.

The Diviner and his Drednok partner ended up in the Delta Quadrant around the year 2363, where he embarked on his mission to locate and secure the Protostar. By 2366, The Diviner had narrowed down the location of the missing starship to Tars Lamora, and established a prison colony there in an effort to find it. Believing to be the last of his kind, The Diviner produced a clone "daughter", Gwyndala, to continue his mission if he were to die before its completion. (PRO: "Kobayashi", "Preludes")

In 2383, after a Kazon slave trader brought a Caitian child to Tars Lamora, Drednok warned Gwyn that she may not speak for her father, after she warned the Kazon not to bring them another child. (PRO: "Lost and Found")

Hunt for the Protostar[]

That same year, the Protostar was discovered by the prisoners Dal R'El and Rok-Tahk. They then managed to escape in the Protostar along with fellow prisoners Murf, Jankom Pog, and Zero, along with Gwyn as a hostage. The Diviner then left Tars Lamora in his ship, the Rev-12, in search of the Protostar. (PRO: "Starstruck")

Weeks later, the Diviner located the Protostar, boarded the ship and was confronted by Gwyn. Seeking to sway her to his cause, he told her of the Federation's first contact with Solum which led to a devastating civil war. The Diviner told her that a weapon was planted on the Protostar which would tear Starfleet apart when the ship came in range – thus destroying the Federation before first contact could even happen. Despite his story, Gwyn refused to join his cause, seeing she wouldn't trade one tragedy for another. To stop the Diviner from hurting anyone again, Zero revealed their true form to the Diviner. Made catatonic by the sight, the Diviner was left abandoned at the Tars Lamora prison colony. (PRO: "A Moral Star, Part 1", "A Moral Star, Part 2")

Soon after, he was discovered by the crew of the USS Dauntless, under the command of Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway in a form of stasis. Believing that he had information on the missing Protostar, Janeway had her chief medical officer, Dr. Noum, revive the Diviner. (PRO: "Asylum", "Let Sleeping Borg Lie")

After waking up, Janeway asked the Diviner about the Protostar, but he babbled about how someone took his daughter and stole the Protostar. Dr. Noum surmised that he was suffering from memory loss as a side-effect from seeing Zero's true form. When Janeway showed the Diviner a picture of the Protostar's captain Chakotay and if he had seen him, the Diviner said he had and that he was taken prisoner. However, his mind was fractured, and he couldn't remember. The Diviner then started suffering from post-neural shock syndrome seeing Janeway's combadge and Noum administered a hypospray to put him to sleep. (PRO: "All the World's a Stage")

Ensign Asencia, a seemingly-Trill navigator aboard the Dauntless took a special interest in the Diviner and visited him often until she finally activated her hidden Drednok and revealed her true nature as a Vau N'Akat to him. (PRO: "Masquerade") Asencia, known as The Vindicator, successfully restored the Diviner's memories by recounting to him their shared history, from the Federation's first contact with Solum to their separation during the collapse of the temporal anomaly. However, Admiral Janeway suddenly entered Asencia's quarters while looking for their amnesiac guest and witnessed the Vindicator' true appearance as well as her Drednok before the Diviner knocked her out in order to ensure the completion of their mission. (PRO: "Preludes")

Drednok suggested that they throw the admiral out an airlock, but the Diviner argued that her absence would draw unwanted attention. Asencia removed the Admiral’s combadge and said she’d place it in the admiral’s quarters and inform everyone the Admiral asked not to be disturbed. She then ordered Drednok to erase all data of this event and assured the Diviner that they would complete the mission.

Later, the Diviner went to the closet and was shocked to find the admiral gone. Discovering that she was in Sickbay in restraints for her own safety, he went to visit her. The Diviner acknowledged that she must think he’s a monster and stated that, for most of his life, Starfleet was his sworn enemy. He found her kindness unexpected but stated that he had a mission to complete since the Federation’s destruction would give his people salvation. Suddenly, he released her bonds and told her that he was saving her life as she saved his. He requested that she protect his daughter, should his mission fail. (PRO: "Mindwalk")

Thanks to a fail-safe within Hologram Janeway's programming, the Protostar made it to the heart of Federation space. After immobilizing the boarding party that intended to beam to the Protostar, the Diviner, the Vindicator and Drednok beamed there and quickly took control of the ship. After declaring that she wouldn't allow anything to stand in their way, the Vindicator and the Diviner went to the bridge where they found Gwyn. Concerned about his loyalty to his daughter, the Vindicator tricked the Diviner into checking on the living construct and locked him in the subdeck.

The Diviner evaporates

The Diviner's body evaporates

When the Diviner escaped, the Vindicator quickly used Gwyn as a hostage so she could control him. However, he used his mind to send Gwyn’s heirloom towards Asencia's face. Asencia countered this by catching it and throwing it straight into his abdomen, landing a fatal blow. As the Vindicator escaped with Drednok to complete their mission, the Diviner died in his daughter's arms and evaporated around her. (PRO: "Supernova, Part 1")


Dal and Gwyn later commented on the oddness of having witnessed the Diviner's death, yet knowing that a younger version of him was still alive on Solum at the time due to the time travel involved. Gwyn decided to go to Solum to save her people's homeworld as the Diviner had wanted. Gwyn was able to find Solum's location using the stars in the sky of the Solum-1 holoprogram that the Diviner had shown to her. (PRO: "Supernova, Part 2")

After meeting the present day version of her father, Gwyn was shocked by how much he had changed as the Diviner, from a kind-hearted astronomer into a ruthless tyrant. (PRO: "Into the Breach, Part II")

When asked by Ilthuran for more information on his future as the Diviner, Gwyn reluctantly admitted that, depending on who you asked, he was a monster, a tyrant and a soldier, but the Diviner was always a father last. Ilthuran reassured his daughter that he was putting her first and sought to become a different person than his future self was. (PRO: "Temporal Mechanics 101")

Gwyn later succeeded in her father's mission to save Solum, aided by her friends from the Protostar and the other Vau N'Akat, including the younger versions of the Diviner and the Vindicator. (PRO: "Ouroboros, Part I", "Ouroboros, Part II")

Altered timeline[]

After Dal, Jankom, Zero and Maj'el accidentally altered things so that Chakotay and Adreek-Hu escaped with the Protostar through the wormhole, the Diviner led the search for the escaped prisoners. Alongside several Watchers, the Diviner witnessed the energy discharge from Infinity escaping into the past. (PRO: "Temporal Mechanics 101")




The Diviner:

Background information[]

Ilthuran/The Diviner is voiced by John Noble in both of his incarnations.

In the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy, he was only ever referred to by his title. His actual name was first revealed in the second season's "Into the Breach, Part II".

According to his official Nickelodeon profile:

An evil, ruthless tyrant who exploits wayward beings from all over the galaxy for his personal gain, the Diviner forces laborers to mine chimerium to pay for his missions. He's on the hunt for his daughter, Gwyn, and the rest of the U.S.S. Protostar's crew. Though he’s a mysterious presence, one thing is for sure: he won’t stop until he’s captured the ship and its crew, no matter the cost. [1]

The character, and Noble's performance, were inspired by Ricardo Montalban's character, Khan Noonien Singh. [2]

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