Ilari surface

The Imperial Hall on Ilari

Imperial Hall main chamber

Main chamber

The Imperial Hall was a fortress on the planet Ilari, where the First Autarch, the planetary ruler, lived with their family and advisors. It was built over a waterfall. During the reign of Tieran, it did not contain displays of wealth, only a painting of Tieran. After his overthrow, the painting was removed and the Hall was redecorated in a more ostentatious manner. In 2373 the building was equipped with a detection grid.

Tieran, controlling Kes' body, stormed the Imperial Hall in 2373 with his followers and seized power. Tieran was subsequently removed when Demmas, the rightful Autarch, defeated his forces and assaulted the Imperial Hall with assistance from USS Voyager personnel. (VOY: "Warlord")

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