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Caught by Starfleet and facing court martial, paranoia grows as Picard struggles to uncover whether a prodigal crewman from his past has returned as an ally – or an enemy hellbent on destroying them all.



The crew of the USS Titan-A is making their way back home after their ordeal in the Ryton system; Lieutenant T'Veen is examining the material left over from the spaceborne creatures' birth, Lieutenant Mura checks in with Ensign Kova Esmar about an update on repairs, and Ensign La Forge struggles to keep awake as she checks the status of the thrusters from the helm. Suddenly, Jack Crusher, wearing a red Starfleet uniform, comes up to the bridge and begins shooting them all down with a phaser. As the wounded Esmar tries to crawl away, Jack walks right up to them. Esmar tells him they knows what he really is, before his phaser comes up to finish the ensign off. The hull around him, and Esmar's face, begin to grow the same red roots he had seen in his mind's eye.

Jack is suddenly standing in his quarters, the phaser in his hand. His shaking hands drop the weapon to the deck, as his eyes begin to glow red, and he hears his mother Beverly in his mind telling him to come home.

Act One[]

"Acting captain's log, stardate 78186.03. We've limped to the edge of the Alpha Quadrant to pause for repairs to our warp core and other essential systems. Still no sign of Vadic and the Shrike. Perhaps our return to Federation space has offered us a bit of a reprieve. So now we have a chance to focus on all the other pressing matters.

Picard and Riker meet with Captain Shaw and Seven of Nine in the Titan's observation lounge, wondering how a Changeling was able to get aboard the ship undetected. Riker recalls that Changelings could mimic appearances on sight alone, but not internal physiology. Seven explains that all new crewmembers go through an internal imaging chamber before reporting to verify they are not shapeshifters, standard protocol since the Dominion War. Riker thinks Starfleet will want to look into that, but he knows they will want something else: Answers from him and Picard about their commandeering the Titan and endangering the crew. "Time to go home and face the music," Picard agrees. Riker rises and officially returns command of the ship back to Shaw. Shaw then tells them that he has already contacted Starfleet, and they are already sending a ship to meet them. He then turns to Seven, asking if she would like to "face the music stated or un-stated." She replies "stated," and so he reinstates her as his first officer. He then decides to step outside, so the three of them can get their "bullshit story" straight. After he leaves, Picard tells them he will bear the brunt of the responsibility himself.

Beverly Crusher, Jack Crusher, and Jean-Luc Picard talk

"Most important is that you are safe. You have a chance to return to your lives and… I hope to be a part of them."

Picard then meets with the Crushers, explaining the situation. Beverly apologizes for putting him in that position, but Picard waves it off, saying that the important thing is that they are safe and can return to their lives, and that perhaps he could be part of it. Beverly, however, doesn't think it's over, wanting to find out how a Changeling got past the ship's internal security systems, and asks to examine the dead Changeling who had impersonated Ensigns Foster and La Forge. Picard gives her the go-ahead, wanting to find out more about Vadic's intentions to better strengthen their case with Starfleet. After she leaves, Jack jokingly asks if he should find a comfortable pair of restraints. Picard assures him that Starfleet was built on reason, and that he could be persuasive if need be, something Jack can believe. Picard asks if he might consider a more "honest vocation", given that many "rebels" from all corners of the galaxy have found their way to Starfleet. Jack doesn't think that likely, and says that once he is done with Starfleet, he will be on his way.

Meanwhile, aboard the SS La Sirena on M'talas Prime, Musiker is sparring with metal fighting sticks against Worf's kur'leth. Worf is able to disarm her and headbutt her to the deck, holding his blade to her neck. He warns that the enemy's aggressiveness will always reveal their weakness, and that she could have sacrificed a move to reveal his. Musiker thinks she already knows his weakness – talking. Worf retorts that impulsiveness, stubbornness, and shortsightedness are hers. After getting as good as he gives, Worf blocks Musiker's attacks with one hand and tosses her to the ground once more. As Musiker gets back on her feet, Worf suddenly sets his blade on the deck and goes into a meditative pose, stopping Musiker short. Just then, a priority communication comes in from Starfleet Intelligence. Worf's handler is making contact, 24 hours after he made his request for access to Daystrom Station. Musiker is impatient, thinking that if the attack on the recruiting center was just a distraction, a bunch of "terrorist goo-freaks" were out there planning another attack. To their surprise, however, the request is denied. The unknown handler tells them to "find another way" before terminating contact. Musiker wonders why they would be denied access and yet still told to pursue; Worf assumes this comes from someone higher up in the chain of command. He accepts that they will be standing down, but Musiker refuses, willing to break into the station herself, thinking that Worf has not sacrificed nearly half as much as she has. Worf hurls a d'k tahg into the deck, warning her not to presume what he has or has not sacrificed. He reminds her that Daystrom Station was protected by a sophisticated AI system that requires security clearance from Starfleet Command to bypass. In that case, Musiker wonders, how did Changelings from District Six get in? Worf concedes only Sneed could have answered that, had he not been forced to decapitate the Ferengi to save Musiker. However, he is aware of someone in Sneed's circle: Krinn, the kingpin of the V'Lashi crime syndicate, who specializes in high-security infiltration.

As Worf and Musiker walk the streets, they suddenly begin to clear out. Worf explains that they were now the "alphas" of District Six, having destabilized the criminal element there. Musiker decides to go with it (not quite jokingly saying that sometimes "work is fun"), before drawing her phaser and firing a shot into the air. She loudly announces they are looking for Krinn, and that what happened to Sneed will happen to them if they don't give him up. Getting no answer, she turns to find Worf kneeling in the middle of the street. When asked what he is doing, he replies that he is waiting for the ecology of District Six to right itself. Musiker muses that they will indeed need a backup plan.

The Titan is met by the Duderstadt-class USS Intrepid, which orders them to stand down. Seven reports receiving a secure transmission that the Intrepid is sending a shuttlecraft over with a security team. Shaw wonders what might be wrong with their transporters, and all Esmar can report is that their security officer insisted on using a shuttle, something Shaw considers strange. Picard and Riker share uneasy glances, before Picard leans over to Seven, quietly telling her he might need one more favor. Seven replies he had better do it while he can.

Picard and Riker accompany Shaw, humming a tune and looking rather pleased with himself, in the turbolift. When Picard asks him to stop, he apologizes, saying he feels "chipper," though of course not about their impending discipline. Riker reminds him that they have saved the galaxy a few times, and Picard adds he hopes they'll remember. Shaw, on the other hand, thinks they might remember when they crashed the saucer section of the USS Enterprise-D into a planet, or when "someone" (tilting his head at Picard) violated the Prime Directive so they could "snog a villager on Ba'ku," or when they nearly wiped out all of Humanity with a time paradox in the Devron system, remarking on a "real chicken-and-egg thing happening" when it came to rescues from danger. "Those were the days," Picard says wistfully. As they round the corner, both Picard and Riker are shocked to see Ro Laren, a former officer from the Enterprise-D, now back in uniform as a Starfleet commander, walking towards them. Ro glances at them for a moment before turning to Shaw, formally asking permission to come aboard. Meanwhile, Seven runs into Jack in the corridor and takes him by the arm, saying she is taking him somewhere they can't find him. Ro informs Picard and Riker that Starfleet is requesting them to submit to questioning, and that anything they say could be used against them if charges are brought up. Riker asks what they could be charged with, and she replies simply: "Treason."

Act Two[]

Seven takes Jack into guest quarters; when he protests that he can handle himself, she replies that his father asked her to hide him, handing him a duffel bag. When he looks inside, he immediately refuses, but Seven tells him it would be better for him to hide in plain sight when the security officers come searching. Inside the bag is a Starfleet uniform.

In sickbay, Beverly and Dr. Ohk conduct the autopsy on the dead Changeling, still in the image of Ensign La Forge. Beverly asks the real La Forge to confirm for the record that the corpse is indeed not her; the sight of 'her' corpse causes La Forge to turn away and vomit onto the deck, which Beverly takes as a "yes" as she and Ohk turn back to their devices. Beverly reviews the facts: On death, most Changelings return to their liquid form, but this one remained in its most recent replicated form. She slices into the skin, which to her surprise begins to bleed. The Changeling body has no DNA whatsoever, and yet projects a blood-like plasma, which means it could fool the traditional blood screening. La Forge wonders what that could mean.

Picard wonders how Ro could be back in Starfleet, thinking that she should be in prison for what she did. Riker points out that it has been thirty years, and that the Maquis are no longer an enemy. Picard is not convinced, saying that she was sworn to protect the Federation from terrorists, but instead became one, and points out that the last time Riker saw her, she pulled a phaser on him. Riker reminds him that Ro has always been an outsider, and that Picard had indeed been the one to send her to infiltrate the Maquis, knowing full well that she would empathize with them. To Picard, however, empathy was one thing and betraying one's commanding officer was another; he is incensed that she is the one accusing them of treason. He is not convinced she will treat them justly; he had been the one to mentor her, to make a bond with her, and she had broken that bond.

Just then, Ro enters, and Riker advises Picard to let him do the talking. Ro explains that the Titan is under official security review, and most of the crew will be going to the Intrepid for reassignment. Riker notes the tone of her voice, that their guilt has already been predetermined. Ro replies that their cooperation will bear weight on their sentence. She elects to begin with Picard, and has the security officers escort Riker out. Riker holds them off, going of his own volition. After they leave the room, Picard questions how a lieutenant who betrayed Starfleet and her commanding officer got reinstated, but Ro ignores this, beginning her official questioning on Picard's deception to get aboard the Titan. Picard does not relent, asking how a traitor can pose as a Starfleet officer. Ro mentions the Changeling problem Shaw reported, drawing a knife from her boot and slicing her hand to show she is not one herself. Picard then notices her earring is missing, recalling that it was a symbol of her faith – or is she "turning [her] back on another institution?" Ro coldly tells him to save his animosity, as it is not entirely about him. "Let's talk about your son," she says, and his glare of contempt only deepens.

In the guest quarters, Jack again hears his mother's voice echoing in his mind, telling him to "find" her, to "hear" her, to "connect" them. He then heads to the transporter room, where he is stopped by one of the security officers, asking if he has been ordered to beam aboard the Intrepid yet. Jack asks to be sent anywhere, as long as it's not a Starfleet ship. When he is denied, he draws a phaser and shoots the man down… or so he thinks. In actuality, he stares, almost haunted, at the man, who asks if he is alright. Shaken, Jack quietly leaves.

On M'talas Prime, Worf and Musiker are still waiting in the street when targeting lasers train onto them. Several armed individuals hold their weapons on them, as Krinn, a Vulcan with an IDIC pendant hanging around his neck, approaches. He tells them that a Vulcan master had once taught him that pride inevitably leads to downfall, and yet here they were. Sneed's death had showed him that pride also led to traps, but patience led to rewards. Worf tells them that they have the upper hand, and orders them all to yield their weapons. Krinn suddenly draws a phaser and shoots at Musiker, who suddenly vanishes, a mobile emitter falling to the ground. Krinn knew they had prepared for him, so he had prepared for them. He looks directly up into the real Musiker's gunsights, just as one of his men comes up from behind her.

Back on the Titan, the autopsy on the dead Changeling continues. Beverly has determined that the Changeling has somehow managed to completely replicate internal organs, which only revert to their natural liquid state under intense dissection. Ohk wonders if this is some kind of new species, but Beverly doesn't think so; she believes it to be evolution, which means they could be anywhere… or anyone.

Ro asks Picard to tell her about Jack. Picard doesn't think he can do so, as he has only known him a few days, and wonders how it is relevant anyway. Just then, Beverly calls from sickbay, and Ro allows him to answer it. Tapping his combadge, Picard explains he is with Commander Ro, and Beverly replies that she has his test results. He asks her to send it up to him, before turning to Ro, explaining that he has a "private" medical issue. Picard goes over to a nearby terminal to receive Beverly's warning: These Changelings can fool blood screenings, and their capabilities are "beyond superficial", warning him again to trust no one. Turning back to Ro, he asks why she is so interested in Jack. Ro answers that perhaps it's because he is avoiding her questions about him, calling him "central" to the investigation. Picard, however, thinks it strange she is not so concerned about Vadic or the Shrike, thinking that the Ro he knew was more "thorough." Ro counters that perhaps he never knew her at all. He asks her to enlighten him, wondering how a defector "clawed" her way back into Starfleet. Ro explains that after years with the Maquis, she turned herself in to Starfleet, faced a court martial, and was imprisoned. But due to her experience with terrorist groups, she underwent an "arduous" rehabilitation program and joined Starfleet Intelligence, working her way up the ranks once again. He dismisses this as "mere facts," asking how she could become an enemy and betray her honor. "My honor?" she asks. "Or do you mean Starfleet's?" She dismisses the idea of blind faith in any institution making one "honorable," before asking what he knows about the Changeling onboard. Picard tells her he knows nothing, and that they killed it. She then asks to see the remains.

As the security officers search the ship for Jack, Picard leads Ro to sickbay, telling her that they should be alerted to their arrival. But Ro suddenly pulls a phaser, telling him there is a "change of plans," and has him step into the holodeck with her. Still set to 10 Forward Avenue, Ro locks the holodeck doors so no one else can enter. Stepping behind the bar, Picard disables the holodeck safety protocol. She tells him to keep his hands above the bar, and he agrees, "top shelf only." Ro considers the walls "a little thin" on the ship, and asks if the place has music; Picard enables the nearby jukebox, the sound of which causes Ro to turn… which allows Picard to draw a replicated phaser of his own. He reminds her that this was Guinan's bar, asking if she remembered Guinan. She tells him to drop it, threatening to kill him, but Picard wants to know who she really is. Both believe the other may be compromised. Picard remembers that when Ro first came aboard the Enterprise, her earring was a violation of the uniform code. She had said it was for the family she had lost, but he now thought it was simply for her own ego. "An ego that led you to betray me," he snaps at her in the Bajoran language. She notes his skill with the language has improved, and Picard tells her he has been rehearsing this conversation for thirty years. Ro tells him he has no idea what it was like living under his "relentless judgment," but Picard thinks they had a bond based on mutual respect, and he feels she betrayed everything he believed in. Ro accuses him of wanting to mold her in his image, and that his affection and mentorship had been conditional. She is offended that he would question her honor, saying she had joined the Maquis to stand up against injustice, even if that meant betraying Starfleet. That was who she was, but he had confused morality with duty, and that is his dishonor. He says he believed in her, but she counters that he only did so when it was easy for him; if he truly felt the way he claims, he would have understood. "You broke my heart," he tells her. "And you broke mine," she replies.

Both finally lower their phasers; Picard is convinced that their mutual pain proves who they truly are, before he asks why she's really here. Ro admits that Starfleet is compromised at its highest level. Addressing him as "Jean-Luc," she asks him if he trusts her. After a long moment, he finally nods, and says that he does.

Act Three[]

Krinn's men bring Worf and Musiker to their knees, as the Vulcan crime lord asks if they recognize the location. It was here that Worf killed Sneed, a man he considered a brother, as they grew up together in District Seven. Worf mentions that they both work for Starfleet Intelligence, and that Sneed was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents, a fact Krinn is aware of. He also knows they figured out that Sneed was the Changeling's facilitator, and that Krinn himself helped arrange the break-in at Daystrom. Musiker admits she could never imagine a Vulcan being "dumb enough" to become a gangster, but Krinn thinks that no utopia could exist without crime, and therefore an organized crime syndicate is logical. His associates place a pair of knives in front of Worf and Musiker, the latter of whom recognizes that they expect the two of them to fight to the death. Krinn admits some of his associates think that the Klingon, by nature, has the upper hand and will kill a Human within thirty seconds, while others believe the inverse. "Let's settle the wager," he says. Neither move to cooperate, to which Krinn gives them sixty seconds to begin combat, or they will both die. Worf quietly reminds her of what he had said about an enemy's aggression showing their weakness, and that he has sacrificed a great deal for this mission… and will now do so again. He tells her it has been an honor, before taking the blade and rising. Krinn notes that "Klingons seldom disappoint." Worf tells Musiker not to hold back, because he cannot. After a short and brutal duel, Musiker's blade is true, and he collapses to the ground. She is apologetic, but he tells her that she is a warrior, and that this is a worthy death, before collapsing onto the street.

Aboard the Titan, the security officers continue their search for Jack, but based on slight vocal cues, it is clear both are actually Changelings. In the holodeck, Ro explains her belief that Changelings have infiltrated Starfleet in all levels, replacing several key personnel, and she is convinced there are more on the Intrepid. She can't even trust the ship's captain, and had insisted on the shuttle because she couldn't trust the transporters. She then asks what he knows about the preparations for Frontier Day. Picard knows it was the anniversary of Starfleet, and that he is supposed to give a speech. Ro is worried that the security preparations are classified, even to her, and that the festivities are mere days away. There have been twelve separate incidents aboard multiple starships for the past several months, all being kept quiet. Picard wonders what this has to do with Jack. Ro admits she doesn't know, but Starfleet insisted she retrieve him, and his name has come up multiple times in Intelligence chatter. She also mentions the attack on the Starfleet recruitment center on M'talas Prime, using a portal weapon similar to that used by Vadic. He suggests going to Admiral Janeway or Chancellor Roll, even letting him try, but Ro reveals she has been stonewalled at every turn; all she has are a pair of intelligence assets on the ground she can trust, trying to link the theft of the portal weapon to something else the Changelings want, and that they are close, even as they speak.

On M'talas, Krinn finds the situation "most unexpected," before having one of his men check the body. The Vulcan kneels next to him and takes Worf's pulse, then shakes his head. Krinn had calculated that Worf had a ten-to-one chance of winning, before remarking on how the smell of Klingon blood sickens him, and has two of his associates take him away. Krinn then tells Musiker that she works for him now, and that he knows she has far more to lose – an ex-husband, a son, and a granddaughter. Musiker threatens to kill him before he would ever own her. "Would you care to wager on that?" he replies, just as the lights fade… and his men suddenly fall to the ground, knives in their chests. Worf suddenly appears behind Krinn, holding a blade to his throat. He has mastered what he calls the "Kahless technique" of slowing his heart rate to imperceptible levels; however, he has lost a great deal of blood, and is still losing a great deal more, and thus advises skipping to the interrogation. Krinn gambles on being needed alive, but Musiker warns him to factor in the impatience of a Klingon in dire need of medical attention. Krinn finally admits that he brokered for a device that allows one to exploit the flaws in Daystrom Station's AI security, and concedes that it would be logical to give the device to them.

Ro tells Picard that she has transferred most of the Titan's crew to the Intrepid, leaving him with a skeleton crew, warning him to ensure they are loyal. She urges him to take the Titan and run. The two security officers searching for Jack catch up to her, having found she was in the holodeck but were unable to gain access. She tells them they are returning to the Intrepid. Quietly taking him aside, Ro places something into his hand, and admits that she wishes he could look into her heart and understand she did what she thought was best, and that for all the years since, she wishes they had known each other. With tears slipping down her cheeks, Ro says goodbye to Picard and quickly wipes her tears away before turning to the security officers. The security officers protest that they had been instructed to find Jack, but she says simply they are leaving. As he watches her leave, Picard looks at the item she handed him: her earring.

As Picard and Riker arrive on the bridge, Shaw remarks on how that was the "fastest court martial" he had ever seen, before Picard tells him that they have to take the ship and run, telling him what Ro had revealed about Starfleet, and the Intrepid, being compromised. Shaw immediately beckons security, but Riker belays that. Picard pleads with Shaw to trust him. The Intrepid shuttle begins to return to the ship. The Changeling security officers, realizing their deception has been discovered, set an explosive onto the deck of the shuttle, arm it, and transport back to the Titan, where they morph into members of her crew to continue the search for Jack. Ro tries to contact the Intrepid, but finds her comms to the ship are jammed. She hails the Titan, warning them of what has happened. Riker tells Seven to beam her out, but the signal is inhibited; she has to get closer to the Titan. Riker urges her to turn back, but Ro doesn't have time to disarm it. She tells Picard to finish what she started. La Forge reports that the shuttle is moving away; Seven sees it heading for the Intrepid's port nacelle. Picard begs Ro not to do it, but Ro answers that she is giving them what he gave her when they met all those years ago: a fighting chance. Picard asks her to forgive him, as he does truly see her now. Just then, the connection is lost, and the shuttle impacts with the nacelle, the explosion severely damaging it.

Picard has little time to grieve, however; the Intrepid raises shields and arms weapons. Seven reports they are instructing the Titan to surrender. Riker realizes they are being framed for attacking the Intrepid by the Changelings on board the ship.

Act Four[]

Riker urges Shaw that they need to run, but Shaw hesitates, not wanting his crew to become fugitives. Seven reminds him that most of the crew is on the Intrepid; if they engaged, they'd be risking the crew anyway. Picard adds his voice, saying that if they did not flee, Ro will have died for nothing, and many more would follow. Riker knows Shaw may not trust them, but he urges his fellow captain to trust his own eyes. Shaw orders red alert, telling La Forge to take them away the second the warp core is online. Over the P.A., he sounds battle stations, having nonessential personnel return to quarters, and informing them that emergency order 7-6-2-Alpha is in effect: Starfleet has been compromised.

Meanwhile, the two security officers find Jack on deck 10, and call two of their fellows for support. They inform him they will place a transport beacon on him and take him into custody. Something in Jack kicks in, and he is able to swiftly disarm and eliminate all four of the Changeling agents. He again sees the red roots crawling across the corridor, and a red door at the end of it, before reality reasserts itself.

Shaw orders the helm to bring them about; Seven reports the Intrepid is giving them one final warning to surrender. The Intrepid's torpedo bays are loaded and ready to fire. The warp core goes online, and Shaw gives the order to engage warp drive. The Intrepid fires a photon torpedo at each of the Titan's warp nacelles, but the Titan jumps to warp just before they can connect. Riker knows the Changelings will be coming for them. Shaw wonders who exactly they would be coming for, and Riker grimly replies "everyone."

Picard and Riker access files

Accessing Ro Laren's secret files.

Picard sits alone in the conference room when Riker enters, offering his condolences, knowing what Ro had meant to him. Picard replies that Riker doesn't know; in fact, neither did Picard himself. He shows her Ro's earring, not sure why she had given it to him. Riker, however, does know, recognizing it as "old-school spycraft:" There is a data chip hidden in the earring, showing the entire course of her investigation, and showing that the infiltration reaches the upper levels of Starfleet Command. Just then, a transmission comes in through the earring, and both are astonished to see Worf on the other end; he is just as surprised to see them. He then wonders what happened to Ro.

In sickbay, Shaw is stunned to find four more Changelings on his ship, now dead, before complimenting Jack on his shooting. Beverly asks for a moment alone with Jack. After Shaw and Ohk leave, Beverly sees that Jack has not been sleeping. She remembers that there was a time when he was growing up that he was afraid to sleep, afraid of what he would see if he did. Jack doesn't remember having nightmares, but Beverly does, and knows he got through it; she believes he will get through what troubles him now, and urges him to talk to her about it. All the stress, meeting his father, the attempts on his life, are affecting him severely. She then notes the four dead Changelings, and wonders how he knew they were all Changelings. With tears in his eyes, Jack confesses he didn't, and confesses to his mother that he thinks something is very wrong with him.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Oh, and um, as a courtesy, because of the harrowing ordeal that we all survived together, I'm going to step outside so the three of you can get your bullshit story straight."

- Shaw, to Picard, Riker, and Seven

"You know, many a rebel from all reaches of the galaxy have found their way to Starfleet. Perhaps you might consider choosing a more honest vocation."
"Starfleet? Me? For such a brilliant man, you haven't really been paying much attention, have you?"

- Picard and Jack Crusher

"You know, we have saved the galaxy more than a few times."
"And hopefully, they'll remember."
"Or they might remember that time that someone hot-dropped the saucer section of the Enterprise-D on a planet. Or that time that someone threw the Prime Directive out the window so they could snog a villager on Ba'ku. Or the time that you boys nearly wiped out all of Humanity by creating a time paradox in the Devron system. Basically, when it comes to rescues from danger, you two have a real chicken and egg thing happening."
"Those were the days…"

- Riker, Picard, and Shaw, while on the way to meet with the USS Intrepid security officers

"Ro Laren."
"Captain Shaw, permission to come aboard?"
"Permission granted."

- Riker, seeing Ro again, and Shaw's response

"How the hell is Ro Laren back in Starfleet? She should be in prison for what she did!"
"That was 30 years ago. The Maquis are no longer an enemy."

- Picard and Riker

"Your Bajoran has improved."
"Oh, I have been rehearsing this conversation for 30 years."
"You have no idea what it was like living under your relentless judgment."
"This wasn't about judgment. We had a bond based on mutual respect. Based on… you and I…"
"You and I what?"
"You betrayed everything I believed in."
"No. You wanted to mold me in your image. Your mentorship. Your affection. It was conditional."

- Ro and Picard, confronting each other

"You broke my heart."
"And you broke mine."

- Picard and Ro

"Never imagined a Vulcan being dumb enough to become a gangster."
"There can be no utopia without crime. Ergo, an organized criminal enterprise is logical."

- Musiker and Krinn

"I wish, just once… that you could look into my heart and understand that I only did what I thought was best. All these years that I wish you'd known me. And that I'd known you. Goodbye, Admiral."

- Picard and Ro, bidding farewell

"Ro, don't do this!"
"I'm giving you what you gave me all those years ago. A fighting chance."
"Ro, I… I do see you. Everything. Forgive me, it's only now. Ro?"

- Picard, before Ro sacrifices herself to disable the compromised Intrepid

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acting captain's log; admiral; aggression; AI; alpha; Alpha Quadrant; Andorian; Anij; autopsy; Bajoran; Bajoran earring; Bajoran language; Bajoran springwine; Ba'ku; bar; baston; beheaded; bioelectrical composition; bleeding; "blind faith"; blood; blood-like plasma; blood oath; blood test; body (aka corpse, remains); bomb; "broken heart"; brother; captain; Changeling; "chicken and egg" thing; chipper; combadge; command code; commander; conspiracy; Constitution III-class; conversation; court martial; crime (aka criminal activity); Daystrom Station; debriefing; denial; detection; Devron system; disruptor rifle; dissection; distraction; District Six; d'k tahg; DNA; Dominion War; downfall; drone; Duderstadt-class; ecology; ego; Emergency Order 7-6-2 alpha; enemy; Enterprise-D, USS; epidermis; evolution; ex-husband; "face the music"; facts; family; father; Federation; Federation space; Ferengi; Frontier Day; gangster; gatekeeper; Gorkon; grand theft; granddaughter; Guinan; Haliian; hand-to-hand combat; handler; head; heart rate; holodeck; honor; hours; House of Musiker; Human; Hwang, Gabriel; Hwang, Jae; IDIC; impostor; inertial compensation system (aka ICS); internal imaging chamber; internal security systems; interrogation; Intrepid, USS; Intrepid captain; investigation; Janeway, Kathryn; judgment; Kahless technique; killing; kingpin; Klingon; Krinn's Vulcan master; kur'leth; La Sirena, SS; LCARS; lieutenant commander; liquid state; loyalty; Luna-class; Maquis; media; medical issue; meditation; Milky Way Galaxy; mobile emitter; murder; music; mutual respect; natural state; nebula event; nonessential crew; organ; Orion; PADD; pain; physiology; portal weapon; pride; Prime Directive; prison; pushback; racketeering; Raffi's granddaughter; RCS thruster; rehabilitation program; reprieve; restrains; Roll; sacrifice; saucer section; security officer; security review; Shrike; sickbay; "sir"; skeleton crew; Sneed; snog; son; species; stardate; Starfleet; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Intelligence; Starfleet Recruiting; Starfleet uniform; terrorist; thing; time paradox; Titan, USS; Titan (NCC-80102), USS; Titan (NCC-80102-A), USS; top shelf; transport inhibitor; transporter; transporter room; trap; treason; Trill; trust; Type 14 shuttlecraft; type 2 phaser; type 3 phaser; uniform dress code; utopia; Vadic; Veridian III; V'Lashi crime syndicate; Vulcan; Vulcan master; wager; walls; warp core; weakness; years

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2024; antimatter; arrest record; autopsy report; battle bridge; biomed; black site; breaking and entering; Binar III; bridge subprocessor; Brunt; chain of command; communications; conn; connection; control point; Cole, James; Croosh, Jeff; Crusser, Juddah; District Seven; encryption; Enterprise-F, USS; Ferenginar; holographic diode; larceny; Larell; lateral array; long-range sensor; lower sensor array; Luria; magnetic containment field; main computer core; matter/antimatter intermix ratio; medical department; message; mission-specific sensor; Morn; M'talas Prime; navigational sensor; ODN; Okona, Thadiun; Omega Sagitta system; Odyssey-class; ops; optical data network; Rachel Garrett statue; recipient; Renhia; Rikka, Titus; Romulus; safety protocol; sensor array; science department; Sneed; spatial orientation system; Starfleet Intelligence Record; subspace receiver; subcontractor; tactical sensor; Ten Forward, 2024; terrorism; T'Luco, Lurak; transport inhibitor; transporter system; upper sensor array; Vulcan (planet); Vulcan Ministry of Justice

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