An Imutta, dead

Imutta was one of the D'jarras in the ancient Bajoran caste system. Members of the Imutta traditionally prepared the dead for burial, and were considered unclean by other D'jarras.

When Akorem Laan briefly took on the role of Emissary of the Prophets, and advocated the return of the D'jarra system, a monk of the Imutta caste was soon confronted by Vedek Porta. Porta asked the man to leave the order, as those of the Imutta were unsuited for the life of a vedek. The monk refused, and Porta retaliated by killing the unclean man, pushing him off the second level of the Promenade, breaking his neck; death was instantaneous. This was the first murder due to the conflict created by the return to the caste system. (DS9: "Accession")