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Imzadi is a Pocket TNG novel written by Peter David. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in hardback in August 1992.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
Years before they served together on board the USS Enterprise-D, Commander William T. Riker and ship's counselor Deanna Troi had a tempestuous love affair on her home planet of Betazed. Now, their passions have cooled and they serve together as friends. Yet the memories of that time linger and Riker and Troi remain Imzadi – a powerful Betazoid term that describes the enduring bond they still share.
During delicate negotiations with an aggressive race called the Sindareen, Deanna Troi mysteriously falls ill… and dies. But her death is only the beginning of the adventure for Commander Riker – an adventure that will take him across time, pit him against one of his closest friends, and force him to choose between Starfleet's strictest rule and the one he calls Imzadi.

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Memorable quotes Edit

"She's waiting."

- Mr. Homn, on opening the door to Admiral Riker

"We all do it. Case in point: you're at a party and you run into a woman wearing a dress so ugly that it looks like a Klingon targ vomited on it. Do you say, "good evening, my dear, why are you wearing such a god-awful dress?" or "good evening, my dear, you look lovely this evening."
"Well… the second, I suppose, just to be sociable."
"Save it. On Betazed they know exactly what you're thinking."

- Mark Roper and Will Riker, on his assignment to Betazed

"No, to be honest, I saw very little of myself in him. To be honest, he reminded me of…"
"Of who?"
"He reminded me of my father."

- William T. Riker and Captain Picard, on Riker's older self

"All is as it was."
"For crying out loud, if you knew that time had been tampered with in the first place, and you knew that the admiral's actions were correct… then why in hell didn't you tell us that?!"
"You did not ask."

- The Guardian of Forever and Commander Blair

Background information Edit

  • Author Peter David was inspired by the original Harlan Ellison concept for the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The City on the Edge of Forever", noting that "In the original Ellison script, Kirk was ready to sacrifice the universe to save Edith Keeler. That was the depth of his love for her. To me, that was such a powerful concept that I thought if they didn’t let Harlan do it, then I was going to do it. […] That was the genesis of Imzadi". (Voyages of Imagination, p. 209)
  • Imzadi reached number seven on the New York Times Best Seller List for 26 July 1992, its first week on the list. [1] It remained on the list for six weeks.
  • The Science Fiction Book Club released a special edition of the hardback in November 1992.
  • This novel, along with its sequel Triangle: Imzadi II, was later collected in the Signature Edition release Imzadi Forever.
  • In Chapter 32, which takes place concurrent with "Encounter at Farpoint", Captain Picard's log states that it is Stardate 42372.5. In the episode, the stardate is given as 41153.8.
  • Some editions of the audiobook erroneously identify the narrator as "Jonathon Frakes".

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Characters Edit

Main Edit

William T. Riker, 2395

Admiral Riker

William T. Riker
Jean-Luc Picard 
Captain of the Enterprise-D
Deanna Troi
  • 2350s-2360s – Psychology student on Betazed.
  • 2368 – Counselor of USS Enterprise-D.
Data, 2395

Data in the future

Beverly Crusher 
Chief medical officer of USS Enterprise-D.
Bartender of USS Enterprise-D.
Geordi La Forge
Chief engineer of USS Enterprise-D.
Security chief of USS Enterprise-D.

Other characters Edit

Lwaxana Troi
  • 2350s-2360s – Resident of Betazed.
  • 2390s – On her deathbed, condemns Riker for Deanna's death.
Roger Tang 
Starfleet sergeant assigned to Betazed with Lt. Riker. Tang would later appear in Pocket DS9: The Siege.
Dann Lendann
Chafin appeared previously in Pocket TNG: Strike Zone and is named after the author's friend T.A. Chafin.
Kathy Li 
Kathy Li had appeared in the earlier TOS era series of comics written by Peter David.
Sara Paul
Mark Roper
Wendy Roper/Wendy Berq
Gart Xerx
Chandra Xerx
Reginald Barclay

Alternate timeline characters Edit

Wesley Crusher 
Captain of USS Hood in the 2390s.
Chameloid Enterprise-F science officer.
Blair's appearance was described as similar to Martia's beast form in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
Mary Mac
head of the Federation team of scientists and historians studying the Guardian of Forever; as an Orion woman, she intentionally wears thick glasses and baggy clothes, to counteract the stereotype of her race and gender as "little more than animalistic sex kittens".
Starfleet lieutenant, Admiral Riker's adjutant.
Eza/Mar Loc

Mentioned Edit

Charlie Brown 
(20th century "philosopher").
Julius Caesar
James Kirk
Wyatt Miller
Ro Laren
Alexander Rozhenko
William Shakespeare
Natasha Yar

References Edit

USS Chance 
25th century survey vessel of Captain Tennant.
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-F) 
Federation starship in the 2390s under command of Commodore Data, with a crew of 2,030.
Cygnia III
Cygnus IV
Forever World
USS Fortuna 
Captain Lansing's ship.
Gamma Delta
Gamma Origii
Guardian of Forever
Guardian of Forever, 2267

The Guardian of Forever

USS Hood

USS Hood

USS Hood 
Federation starship in the 2390s under command of Captain Wesley Crusher.
A race previously seen in Strike Zone.
Berlinghoff Rasmussen
Starbase 86
Planet Vulcan

Timeline Edit

25th century

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