An inanimate object was any object not capable to move itself.

While aboard the automated repair station and watching a molecular synthesizer at work, T'Pol noted that she saw a similar device aboard a Tarkalean vessel which was capable to reproduce any inanimate object. (ENT: "Dead Stop")

Captain Jonathan Archer remarked that the Vissian engineer spoke about the cogenitor like an inanimate object. (ENT: "Cogenitor")

When Hikaru Sulu notofied his lack of understanding why people have to call inanimate objects "she", Janice Rand stated that Beauregard was not an inanimate object. (TOS: "The Man Trap")

Spock defended Captain James T. Kirk during his court martial comparing his unique characteristics to the unique characteristics of an inanimate object. (TOS: "Court Martial")

Sybo was able to receive impressions from inanimate objects. (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold")

Tuvok never understood the Human compulsion to emotionally bond with inanimate objects. (VOY: "Year of Hell"

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