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High over Indiana

Indiana was a region located within the interior of the North American continent of Earth. This was a state in the United States of America. The bordering states were Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. This state was in the Great Lakes region. The cities of Danville, Indianapolis, Jolietville and Smith City were located in this state. It also was the home of the Indiana State University. The two-letter code for this state was IN. (TNG-R: "The Neutral Zone"; DS9: "Little Green Men"; ENT: "Storm Front", "Storm Front, Part II")

In an alternate timeline in which Nazi Germany had invaded the United States, as of 1944 Indiana was controlled by American forces. (ENT: "Storm Front", "Storm Front, Part II")

In the year 2000, it was the home of the world's largest ball of string, and the world's largest beefsteak tomato. By 2012, the community of Portage Creek was the home of the Millennium Gate. (VOY: "11:59")

Indiana was affected by World War III, including the settlement of Richmond, with bomber jets dropping atomic weapons on the area. (DIS: "New Eden")

In the 24th century, the future Starfleet officer Kathryn Janeway was born in Bloomington. She once remarked to Neelix that her summers in Indiana had been almost as hot as those in the Rinax marshlands. (VOY: "Macrocosm")

When posing as Kathryn Janeway, Dala remarked that she sometimes closed her eyes and thought of the farm in Indiana where she grew up and she felt like she was home again. (VOY: "Live Fast and Prosper")

Indiana was named on a map of the United States (Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika).
The contours of this state were seen on a map of the United States, in "Little Green Men".
As evidenced by the first draft script of VOY: "Flashback", "a corn field in Indiana" was originally to have appeared in that installment, representing a memory of Janeway's. That area of Indiana was seemingly displayed on the viewscreen aboard the USS Excelsior. However, all mention of Indiana was eliminated from the episode by the time the final draft of the script was issued.

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