An industrial replicator was a large-scale replicator that was typically used for construction purposes.

In 2373, Pascal Fullerton claimed that Risa was an illusion created by industrial replicators, seismic regulators, and a weather control system. (DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin...")

Deep Space 9 housed an industrial replicator on Level 17. In 2373 a Changeling posing as Julian Bashir overrode the security blocks on the industrial replicator, and used it to produce a bomb consisting of trilithium, tekasite, and protomatter. Odo discovered the override by the saboteur, but was unable to determine what was replicated because the memory core had been wiped. With the explosive device, the changeling aimed to destroy the Bajoran sun, along with the combined Federation, Klingon, and Romulan fleets in the system. (DS9: "By Inferno's Light")

In 2374, following the outbreak of the Dominion War and the capture of Deep Space 9, the Cardassian Union gave fifteen industrial replicators to Bajor. (DS9: "Sons and Daughters")

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