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IDW's first-ever mega event is collected in this hardcover collection as something goes horribly awry in the IDW universe: a dimensions-spanning zombie outbreak of epic proportions, which threatens to tear many of IDW's biggest realities asunder! The infestation spreads into the Transformers universe as Galvatron crash lands on Earth, and it falls upon our Bots-in-blue to run to the rescue of... well... EVERYONE to fight off not just Galvatron, but the zombie horde spreading through Las Vegas! It continues when a robotic arm of unknown origin has been discovered and both G.I. JOE and COBRA race to discover its secrets. Little do the two sides know that the arm has its own agenda - assimilating the world's military technology into the Infestation fold! It then crosses over into the Star Trek universe as a routine visit to a colony world takes a horrifying turn when Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy find themselves surrounded by hordes of the undead! And, thanks to a plague of poltergeists that resist long-term storage in the containment grid, the Ghostbusters are dealing with a surplus of work... and their job is only going to get harder when Britt's zombies try to take a nibble out of the Big Apple! Finally, Britt has returned, armed with new technology that will spread the Infestation across all known realities. The zombie apocalypse looms and the remaining members of CVO are running out of options...

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  1. "Infestation, Issue 1"
  2. "Transformers: Infestation, Issue 1"
  3. "Transformers: Infestation, Issue 2"
  4. "G.I. Joe: Infestation, Issue 1"
  5. "G.I. Joe: Infestation, Issue 2"
  6. "Star Trek: Infestation, Issue 1"
  7. "Star Trek: Infestation, Issue 2"
  8. "Ghostbusters: Infestation, Issue 1"
  9. "Ghostbusters: Infestation, Issue 2"
  10. "Infestation, Issue 2"
  11. "Pocket God: Infestation"


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