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Genetically engineered infiltrators bring the USS Enterprise to the brink of a new Eugenics War!

Infiltrator is a Pocket TNG novel – #42 in the numbered series – written by W.R. Thompson. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in September 1996.


From the book jacket
Centuries ago, followers of the tyrant Khan Noonien Singh left Earth for the planet Hera to continue his experiments in selective breeding. Now, they are finally ready to launch their plan of universal domination – with the USS Enterprise as their weapon. Captain Picard must enlist the help of Heran expatriate Astrid Kemal to defeat her fellow superbeings. Unless the captain and crew of the Enterprise can stop them, the Heran infiltrators could alter the genetic landscape of the galaxy for generations to come.

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Memorable quotes

"My dear Captain Cpuld…"
"Watch your mouth!"

- Riker and Cpuld

"'Polite'? In front of people?"

- Cpuld

Background information

  • This was Thompson's final Star Trek novel.
  • Even though the stardate at the beginning of the book is 47358.1, suggesting a year of 2370, the stardate in Picard's ending log is 7325.9.


Jean-Luc Picard
William T. Riker
Beverly Crusher
Deanna Troi
Geordi La Forge
Reginald Barclay
Sariel Rager
A doctor on the Enterprise. K'Sah tried to bet him ten credits he would be out of sickbay by midnight after he lost an arm wrestling match to Kemal.
Gustav Blaisdell 
Heran captain of the Tenemus.
Vlad Dunbar
Heran, he served as navigator of the Tenemus and was later killed by Kemal.
Astrid Kemal 
Genetically engineered human.
Starfleet ensign, Pa'uyk exchange officer.
Pa'uyk captain of the Throatcutter.


Pa'uyk ship
A spider-like, starfaring race to whom "polite" is an unknown concept. Their species is highly aggressive, and every few years they nearly wipe themselves out. They are able to somewhat control their aggressiveness by channeling it into insults, but that makes them hard to get along with.
Vulcan Science Academy
A Heran starship used to infect the crew of the Enterprise with the Unity virus.
inhabitants of the planet Hera, genetically augmented Humans who follow Khan Noonien Singh's beliefs.

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