Original Airdate: 25 November 1998
Production Number:203
Story by:Bryan Fuller & Jimmy Diggs
Teleplay by:Bryan Fuller
Directed by:David Livingston

The discovery of a Borg Vinculum causes Seven to develop a multiple personality disorder.


Continuing on course for home, Voyager detects a debris field from a Borg Cube. They prudently decide to plot a course to avoid the debris because of the Borg's tendency to salvage damaged vessels.

However, as their course takes them closer to the Cube's debris, Seven begins experiencing a form of multiple personality disorder. After several incidents witnessed by the crew, she is taken to sick bay to try to find the source of the neurological problem. Seven speculates that it is due to an active vinculum still in the debris field. Voyager changes course to retrieve it to investigate further. Once at the debris field, they find the vinculum, still active.

After beaming the vinculum on board Voyager, further scans reveal a pathogenic virus inhabiting it. They deduced that the virus must have been introduced by the Borg Cube's last assimilation, Species 6339. They attempt to locate more of them and establish contact with one of their ships.

Once aboard Voyager, the aliens reveal their attempt to infect the Borg Collective with a virus designed to attack their systems. Thirteen of their people sacrificed themselves to be assimilated so they could spread the virus. Part of their plan depends on more Borg to find the vinculum and use it like a Typoid Mary to futher infect more Borg entities.

However, Captain Janeway wanted to keep the vinculum for a short period of time while they helped Seven recover from the vinculum's link. They decide to shut down the vinculum which was theorized would break Seven's link to it.

Meanwhile, the crew is having difficulty shutting down the vinculum, and Seven is having additional problems attempting to control the personalities from manifesting. Tuvok suggests a Vulcan mind meld, to help stablize her.

Unfortunately, shutting down the vinculum was against the aliens' wish, which began a small battle between the two ships. B'Elanna continues to try to shut down the vinculum with consoles exploding around her. She finally succeeds, and the vinculum is shut down. Once shut down, the vinculum is beamed into space, and the aliens break off their attack.

Memorable Quotes

"Captain, you can't actually be considering this Vulcan mambo-jambo!"

- The Doctor, speaking about Vulcan mind meld

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47; Battle of Wolf 359; Gregory Bergan; Blackwood; Borg; Boylan; DaiMon; Ferengi; Ferengi Health Commission; Galaxy class; Kadis-kot; Kelaran wildebeest; Lorot; USS Melbourne; Do'Raq Merash; mess hall; Ryson; Seven of Nine; Species 6339; Stone; Subaltern; USS Tombaugh; Torrot; Tuvok; vinculum; Vulcans; Vulcan High Command; Vulcan mind meld; Naomi Wildman; Wolf 359

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