Ins Herz des Chaos (Into the Heart of Chaos) is the forthcoming third novel in the Star Trek: Prometheus series. Written by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg with cover art by Tobias Richter [1], and expected to be released in September 2016, the novel will be published in German by Cross Cult.


Publisher's description (translated from German)
The situation in the Lembatta Cluster grows worse! While fleets of the Federation and the Klingon Empire gather at their respective borders and watch what is happening in the depths of the stellar region suspiciously, the teams of the USS Prometheus and the IKS Bortas are sent on a race against time in order to break the growing spiral of violence.
In a fateful act of desperation, Captain Richard Adams and Captain Kromm set out on the trail of a secret arms factory. But they encounter an ancient enemy, one which seems invincible. Only together may these disparate commanders have the chance to find answers to their questions. Will they succeed in time – or will the galaxy once again be set in flame?

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Background information

Cross Cult´s initial announcement misquoted the title of the book as Im Herz des Chaos (In the heart of chaos) even though it came with a cover art which stated the correct title. Different websites adapted the wrong title. [2][3]

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