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From the book jacket
Inside Trek is an unauthorized, behind-the-scenes look at the making of television's most beloved series, filled with never-before-told stories about the actors, the writers, and everyone else who made Trek what it is – most importantly, creator Gene Roddenberry.
For over seventeen years, Susan Sackett was Roddenberry's executive assistant – and secret lover – a position that gave her a unique insider's view of the making of an entertainment franchise. Sackett spent years working with and befriending the casts and crews of Star Trek, the movies, and the hit spinoff Star Trek: The Next Generation.
While uncovering many secrets, stories and insights that have never before appeared in print, Sackett also presents the first true portrait of Star Trek's creator – the first biography written by someone who knew him well – and reveals his philosophies, his struggles, his successes and failures, and the path of self-destruction that would ultimately cause his untimely death. Told lovingly, yet with complete candor, this incredible memoir will take everyone who loved Star Trek where no one has gone before!

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