Geordi La Forge wearing an interface suit

An interface suit was a full-body device worn by a person in order to provide input to and receive tactile sensations from an interface probe.

In 2370, Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge wore an interface suit to control a probe in order to virtually search the USS Raman for survivors when it became stranded in the atmosphere of Marijne VII. The suit provided tactile sensations so that La Forge felt as if he was in the same environment as the probe.

In one instance when he was interfaced with the probe, La Forge moved his virtual hands through flames and his neural response to the input was so strong that it created a feedback loopsensors in the probe transmitting the sensation of heat to his hands overloaded, causing actual burns.

The suit included a femoral sensor, a tibial sensor and a peroneal sensor. (TNG: "Interface")

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