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An intertitle was a word, name, or description indicating the passage of time or establishing the location of a place that appeared on screen in a film or on television.

Beckett Mariner's 2380 holo-novel Crisis Point: The Rise of Vindicta used intertitles to establish the locations of Kabba Lake, Douglas Station, and Idlocana VI. Brad Boimler's 2381 sequel Crisis Point II: Paradoxus also used intertitles to establish the locations and time dates of Tatasciore IX, Starfleet Aquatic Research Center, Sydney, Australia, Starfleet Headquarters, and the Third Moon of Shatanari. (LD: "Crisis Point", "Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus")


Background information[]

In the truest sense, intertitles were only sporadically throughout the first seven Star Trek films. They were not otherwise used in any of the first five series, save a few sparse exceptions, the most notable of which were those used for establishing the passage of time during the Year of Hell in the Star Trek: Voyager episodes "Year of Hell" and "Year of Hell, Part II".

Outside of this, intertitles were frequently used to issue the caveat "To Be Continued...", so as to establish the episode had reached a cliffhanger. These cliffhangers were often concluded with an introduction by a narrator, a medium that became the modern variation of the intertitle.

Establishing time[]

Establishing locations[]

Establishing time and location[]

Opening crawl[]

The opening crawl was a form of intertitle used to establish context for the opening scene of a film or episode. They figured prominently in both the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiere "Emissary", where it was introduced in the script simply as WHITE LETTERS ON BLACK:

Emissary opening crawl

Opening crawl for "Emissary"

On Stardate 43997, Captain
Jean Luc Picard of the
Federation starship Enterprise
was kidnapped for six days
by an invading force known
as the Borg. Surgically altered,
he was forced to lead an
assault on Starfleet at Wolf 359.

...and the Star Trek: Voyager premiere "Caretaker", where it was introduced in the script as CRAWL TO BE SUPERED OVER BLACK:

Caretaker opening crawl

Opening crawl for "Caretaker"

Unhappy with a new treaty,
Federation Colonists along
the Cardassian border have
banded together.

Calling themselves "The Maquis"
they continue to fight the

Some consider them heroes
but to the governments of
the Federation and Cardassia,
they are outlaws.

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