The fifteen decks (with 257 rooms, including the holodeck) of an Intrepid-class Federation starship. (VOY: "Caretaker", "Scientific Method")

Intrepid class MSD
  • Deck 3
    • Officers' and VIP Quarters
Deck 5 section 15 alpha

Schematic of Deck 5, section 15 Alpha

Voyager deuterium tank failure

Engineering section cutaway

  • Deck 13
  • Unknown

Background information Edit

This is the layout of the USS Voyager according to Star Trek: Voyager Technical Manual, an adaptation of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, intended as a writers guide for VOY Season 1.

Primary Hull Deck
Engineering Hull
1 Bridge, Ready room, Conference room, Escape pod access, Aft bridge airlock, Upper sensor platform
2 Officers' mess, Officers' & VIP Quarters, Labs & Storage, Sensor gear, Escape pod access
3 Captain's quarters, Officers' and VIP quarters, Photon torpedo trackers
4 Aft torpedo launchers, Transporter rooms 1 and 2, Phaser maintenance, Sensor gear, Escape pod access
5 Sickbay, Doctor's office, Sensor gear, Escape pod access
6 Auxiliary deflector, Auxiliary computer core, Escape pod access 6 Deuterium (matter) processing, Consumables resupply connectors
7 Auxiliary computer core, Upper cargo bays 1-2, Labs, Escape pod access, RCS thruster access 7 Deuterium tankage, Warp engine core injector access
8 Deuterium processing, Port/starboard/forward docking ports, ODN/EPS main trunks, Lower cargo bays 1-2 8 Deuterium tankage, Warp engine core, Aft work pod storage
9 Cargo loading doors, AeroWing shuttle dock, Labs 9 Upper main shuttlebay, Warp engine core
10 Main shuttlebay, Main computer core, Warp engine core, Forward photon torpedo launchers, Reserve warp engine core, Main navigational deflector
11 "Wing" Level: Main engineering, Engineer's office, Warp engine core, Reserve warp engine core, Main computer core, Main navigational deflector, Antimatter injector port, Plasma duct
12 Antimatter tankage, Warp engine core, Main deflector, Reserve warp engine core, Escape pod access, Navigational control in section 7 B, and Environmental control
13 Aft tractor beam emitter, Warp engine core, Reserve warp engine core, Quarters, Labs, Escape pod access, Secondary ODN/EPS trunks
14 Antimatter processing, Reserve warp engine core, Escape pod access, Ground hover footpad systems
15 Antimatter loading port, Forward tractor beam emitter, Ground hover footpads
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