For the Human with the same first name, please see Irina Galliulin.

Irina was a Terrellian pilot who was involved in the 2377 Antarian Trans-stellar Rally. She became friendly with Tom Paris and Harry Kim when the Delta Flyer rescued her ship after an impromptu drag race. During the race, her co-pilot Joxom was electrocuted, and Harry became her new co-pilot. The two then begin to develop a relationship.

Irina was actually an isolationist and a terrorist who planned on detonating a bomb at the end of the race. She gave the Delta Flyer a faulty fuel converter, which was rigged to leak veridium isotopes near the warp core, leading to a breach. The bomb would have killed hundreds of spectators, and she hoped that this would disrupt the fragile peace in the area. Fortunately, Kim found out about the plot and warned Paris, who had time to eject the bomb into space. (VOY: "Drive")

Irina was played by Cyia Batten.
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