Irina Karlovassi was a 20th century athlete who won a silver medal in the Olympic decathlon. Along with her husband, Miklos, she was the biological parent of the Augment Udar, whose embryo was put into cold storage after the Eugenics Wars.

In 2154, after rescuing Udar, whose embryo had been stolen and brought to term by Arik Soong in 2134, from exile on a planet in the Trialas system, Starfleet captain Jonathan Archer showed him a PADD with biological information on his parents, which they had retrieved from Soong's computer. (ENT: "Cold Station 12")

She appeared only as a still picture on the PADD, where she was portrayed by regular extra Amy Kate Connolly, who received no on-screen credit for this appearance.
In the final draft script of "Cold Station 12", Irina Karlovossi was described as being "in her 30's, athletic, beautiful" at the time the picture was taken.
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