The Irish Unification of 2024 was an event in Earth history taking place in Ireland. It resulted in the creation of a single unified nation-state controlling the entire geographical island of Ireland. This unification came about due to the use of terrorism rather than peaceful acts to bring about political change.

In 2366, the Irish Unification was noted by Lieutenant Commander Data as one of the numerous examples in history where terrorism was successfully used to bring about political change. Other examples he listed were the independence of Mexico from Spain, and the Kenzie Rebellion. (TNG: "The High Ground")

Due to political sensitivity, as Ireland was still in the midst of the Troubles when "The High Ground" aired in 1990, the reference to Irish unification and terrorism in the episode resulted in its removal from first-run in the United Kingdom. To date, some syndicating networks will not air the episode, and it was only in 2007 (fifteen years after its first run, nine years after the conflict ended in a peaceful manner) that it was broadcast on the BBC. [1]
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