For the Bajoran, please see Ishan Chaye.

Ishan was the leader of the Sakari race that had been attacked by the Borg and moved their civilization underground for protection. When the USS Voyager away team led by Chakotay arrived on the planet to obtain gallicite, the Sakari captured them.

He interrogated Chakotay and Tuvok. Chakotay wanted to know why the Sakari had taken such lengths to avoid detection. Ishan said that invaders came long before he was born and destroyed the Sakari civilization; the survivors retreated underground. He and Ishan worked out an agreement for Voyager to obtain the gallicite they needed in return for help in protecting the Sakari. Voyager helped Ishan and his people in their concealment techniques. Ishan requested that they help conceal the presence of the gallicite, which is how Voyager found them, and to remove the remaining surface traces of their civilization. Ishan was still wary of the newcomers and had them supervised at all times. (VOY: "Blood Fever")

Ishan was played by Bruce Bohne.

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