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Ithor was a male Orion regulator in the 32nd century.

In 3188, Ithor and Ithyk interrogated Michael Burnham after apprehending her in the Mercantile's vault on Hima. Ithyk sprayed her with a purple gas that compelled her to tell the truth, and was reprimanded by Ithor for having increased the dosage without telling him. Burnham nonetheless revealed to them that Cleveland Booker had tricked her into entering the vault, and that he was transporting cargo he had stolen from the courier Cosmo Traitt. Ithyk and Ithor confronted Booker, but he and Burnham managed to start a firefight and escape via transporter.

After a series of brief battles, Ithyk, Ithor, and a number of other regulators finally captured the two renegades outside Booker's cloaked ship. After Ithor killed Cosmo for letting Booker steal his cargo, Ithyk demanded that Booker give them the access code to the ship's cargo space. Booker did so, and the ship decloaked and opened its cargo hatch to reveal Molly, a large trance worm. Ithyk and Ithor discussed eating it "served fresh", but when Molly emerged the trance worm hypnotized the pair before swallowing them whole, and the rest of the regulators beamed away. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")

Ithor was played by Jake Michaels.
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