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Its Hour Come Round is a Pocket TOS eBook – the sixth and final book in the Mere Anarchy series – written by Margaret Wander Bonanno. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in April 2007.


From the book jacket
Captain James T. Kirk is dead, lost during the launch of the USS Enterprise-B. His former shipmates are not the only ones who mourn his passing: Raya elMora and the people of Mestiko are stunned to learn that the man who has played such a pivotal role in their lives over the past three decades is now gone.
But Kirk's passing comes as Mestiko is on the threshold of a new era, as they have come from near-destruction to contemplating membership in the Federation. The surviving crew of the Starship Enterprise gather together at this strife-torn world one last time as its future hangs in the balance...

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Background information

  • The novella takes place shortly after the events of the prologue of Star Trek Generations, setting it sometime in, or just after, 2293.

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