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Ivory Broome is an actor who appeared as operations division officer in several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. In addition, he worked as stand-in for Tim Russ on the fifth season episode "Course: Oblivion". He received no credit for his work but is listed on the call sheets.

Broome was raised in Rochester, New York and enrolled into Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Dayton Beach Florida to study Aviation Management. He worked for Delta Airlines in Orlando, Florida and attended Lisa Maile School of Acting. He was also booked for several commercials and industrial films and was hired by Disney Studios in Orlando where he worked on commercials and appeared in print ads.

To focus on his acting career, Broome moved to Miami Beach where he worked on the action sequel Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997, with Mike Hagerty, Enrique Murciano, Francis Guinan, Tommy J. Huff, and Don Pulford) and later to Los Angeles, California in 1998 where he founded the production companies "Broome International Consortium LLC" and "Broome Int'l Pictures & Media".

Further acting credits include several episodes of the daytime soaps The Bold and the Beautiful (2001), Port Charles (2002), Days of Our Lives (2000 and 2006, with Renée Jones and Ian Patrick Williams), and General Hospital (2000-2007), the crime drama Boulevard Gangs (2001), the short action drama A.W.O.L. (2006), and the music comedy Swing State (2016, with Richard Riehle).

As producer, Broome worked on the thriller Sara's Cell (2017, with Faran Tahir) and the action thriller Bond: Kizuna (2017, with Yuri Elvin).

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