"The First may be a fool, but I am not."
– Ixtana'Rax, 2374 ("One Little Ship")

Ixtana'Rax was a Jem'Hadar soldier during the Dominion War. He had been the First under the Vorta Gelnon, until he was replaced in 2374 by the "Alpha" Kudak'Etan, becoming Second. Ixtana'Rax was skeptical of the "Alphas" supposed superiority, stating that they had not yet proven themselves. He himself was an "Honored Elder", having survived more than twenty years.

After his unit had captured the USS Defiant, Ixtana'Rax warned Kudak'Etan against allowing Captain Benjamin Sisko and his officers access to the ship, since it would give them an opportunity to retake the ship. Kudak'Etan overruled his recommendation, though Ixtana'Rax eventually discovered that the Starfleet officers had been hiding the extent of their repair work.

Ixtana'Rax was again overruled when he advised that the system be checked for sabotage after the repairs were complete; as a result, the ship was nearly destroyed by a computer virus Sisko had programmed to activate when the warp drive was brought online. Fortunately, at that time the miniaturized runabout USS Rubicon created a diversion and allowed the crew to retake engineering. Ixtana'Rax was shot by Major Kira Nerys in the fight. Sisko informed the dying Ixtana'Rax that Kudak'Etan should have listened to the Honored Elder from the start and killed Sisko when he had the chance. Ixtana'Rax died speaking the Jem'Hadar creed. (DS9: "One Little Ship")

Ixtana'Rax was played by actor Fritz Sperberg.
His name comes from the script.
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