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"The other new arrival has considered you unreachable but now is realizing this has changed. The factors in her favor are youth and strength, plus unusually strong female drives."
– The Keeper to Christopher Pike, 2254 ("The Cage")

Yeoman J.M. Colt was a female Starfleet enlisted crewman who lived during the mid-23rd century. She served in the operations division aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike. In 2254, she served as the captain's personal yeoman, replacing his previous yeoman, Zac Nguyen who was presumed to have been killed by Kalars during a fight on Rigel VII. (TOS: "The Cage"; SNW: "Among the Lotus Eaters")

According to the Talosian magistrate known as the Keeper, Colt's attributes were youth, strength, and unusually strong female drives.

When Pike was captured by the Talosians, Colt was one of six crewmembers who volunteered to beam into the Talosians' underground city to rescue him. In fact, the Talosians had read Colt's attraction to Pike and manipulated events so that only she and Una Chin-Riley transported down. All three Enterprise crewmembers escaped the Talosians alive and uninjured. (TOS: "The Cage")

Footage of her experience aboard the Enterprise under Captain Pike during the original visit to Talos IV, from 13 years prior, was transmitted from that planet during Spock's fictional court martial aboard the same ship in 2267. (TOS: "The Menagerie, Part II")



Background information[]

Cindy Robbins and Leonard Nimoy

Cindy Robbins makeup test shots for Colt

Yeoman Colt was played by Laurel Goodwin in "The Cage". Cindy Robbins was considered among the finalists for the role of Colt, even going so far as to appear in makeup test shots with Leonard Nimoy, while wearing a prototype Starfleet uniform.

Colt's name was not spoken onscreen, and was derived purely from script or background sources, with the following character biography appeared in the series proposal Star Trek is...:

The Captain's Yeoman. Except for problems in naval parlance, J. M. Colt would be called a yeo-woman. With a strip-queen figure even a uniform cannot hide, Colt serves as Captain's secretary, reporter, bookkeeper – and with surprising efficiency. She undoubtedly dreams of serving Robert April with equal efficiency in personal departments.

The note about Colt's title not being yeo-woman was included in the scripts of "The Cage", which went on to say of the character, "About twenty, she's pert and shapely, but carries herself with trained precision." Her assignment as the captain's yeoman was referred to in the scripts as being merely temporary, though this line of dialogue is not in the final version of the episode. In another example of scripted but ultimately omitted dialogue, Colt was established as having had the same training as everyone else on the Enterprise, despite being new to the ship herself. [1]

This character eventually developed into Yeoman Janice Rand for the later episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series. (Star Trek Memories, p. 24)


The comic book series, Star Trek: Early Voyages, named her "Mia Colt". Although this might seem contradictory to her first initial being "J", her second initial was "M", and she may have gone by her middle name rather than her first.

The title of the short concept films 765874, "765874 - Memory Wall" and "765874 - Regeneration" released in 2022 and 2023 for the Roddenberry Archive, reference Colt's serial number as stated in Star Trek: Early Voyages #13 Future Tense (comic). The first two shorts feature Colt, portrayed by actress Mahé Thaissa, in scenes adapted from the EV comic story arc "Futures" (#12-15) in which Colt travels to an alternative future in 2293 before returning to back to 2254 through the "Well of Tomorrows" on Algol II, and briefly experiencing myriad realities and timelines. An orignal scene in "765874 - Memory Wall" shows Spock, portrayed by Lawrence Selleck, performing a Vulcan mind meld on Colt in the 2270s.

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