Crewman first class J. Kelly was a crewmember aboard Enterprise NX-01 during its historic mission of exploration.

In 2152, Kelly, along with Captain Archer, Commander Tucker, and Crewmen Rostov and Zabel, was captured and telepathically linked by an unknown alien entity which had infiltrated one of Enterprise's cargo bays. Eventually, Enterprise's communications officer, Hoshi Sato, was able to devise a means to communicate with the lifeform, which subsequently released the Enterprise crewmembers. (ENT: "Vox Sola")

In the final draft script of "Vox Sola", Kelly was referred to as being in her "twenties" at the time of the episode. The character was played by actress Renee E. Goldsberry.
The novel Patterns of Interference gives her first name as Janelle, and establishes her as the sister of Morgan Kelly of the USS Essex.
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