Maje Jabin was the leader of a Kazon-Ogla group on Ocampa.

Prior to 2371, Neelix had some altercations with Maje Jabin, which ended with him stealing a significant amount of water from him.

In 2371, when the USS Voyager was pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, two of its crew were sent to the Ocampa homeworld. To trade for information, Voyager gave the Kazon-Ogla two large containers of water. A brief confrontation ensued, however, when Neelix freed an Ocampan slave, Kes.

Jabin later pursued Voyager when an away team attempted to board the Caretaker's array. However, Chakotay flew his ship, the Val Jean, into one of Jabin's ships, destroying it. After Captain Kathryn Janeway destroyed the array, Jabin withdrew, telling her that she had made an enemy that day. (VOY: "Caretaker")

Jabin was played by Gavan O'Herlihy. On Ocampa, when Neelix is being carried by the Kazon-Ogla, he pronounces Jabin's title as "mah'-zhay." The pronunciation thereafter was simply "mazh."
His mirror universe counterpart appeared in the novella The Mirror-Scaled Serpent in which he was likewise depicted as holding Kes prisoner on the surface of Ocampa.

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