Jack was a teenager who, in 1957, lived in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, with his mother, Maggie. He was very smart and showed interest in astronomy, mathematics, and meditation. Maggie collected money for him in a tip jar in her bar, the Pine Tree Bar and Grill, in hope that Jack could get a higher education. He wanted a degree in mechanical engineering. T'Mir, a Vulcan who was stranded on Earth and lived in Carbon Creek, became friendly with Jack. Jack impressed her with his intellect and curious mind.

When the collections were not enough to send Jack to college, T'Mir intervened and got enough money for Jack to attend when she sold, to a businessman, a material from her wrecked ship that was later called Velcro. (ENT: "Carbon Creek")

In the final draft script of "Carbon Creek", Jack was initially referred to as being "about seventeen," as of 1957, suggesting an approximate birth year of 1940. The script went on to say, "He's level-headed and very bright, and he doesn't seem to belong in this bar [i.e., the Pine Tree] any more than his mother does." In dialogue which was in the script but not in the final version of the episode, Jack was established as having an interest in archaeology in addition to astronomy and literature. He went on to enthusiastically tell T'Mir astronomy was "one of [his] favorites" but that the local library only had four, "pretty old" books on that subject. He then excitedly stated to T'Mir, "I can't wait 'til I get to college… I bet they've got a huge astronomy section."
Jack was played by actor Hank Harris.
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