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"I-I am who I am, a talker... Not sleight of hand but sleight of words... All just to distract from this-this feeling that I have... I've always been different."
– Jack Crusher, 2401 ("Surrender")

Ensign Jack Crusher is a 25th century Human Federation Starfleet officer assigned to the USS Enterprise-G. He is the son of Admirals Beverly Crusher and Jean-Luc Picard.

Early life[]

Crusher was conceived on Casperia Prime and attended school in London, England, on Earth. He acquired his English accent while there and according to his mother, never quite shook it. (PIC: "Seventeen Seconds")

In 2385, Jack's older brother, Wesley, briefly spoke with his mother, who took the opportunity to introduce her sons to each other. (PRO: "Ouroboros, Part II")

When he was a boy, Crusher took Jack to the Crimson Arboretum on Raritan IV. (PIC: "Võx")

When he came of age, he was given a choice by his mother to meet and get to know his father, but to her knowledge he did not take her up on the offer. (PIC: "Seventeen Seconds") Indeed, however, in 2396, Crusher visited 10 Forward Avenue where Picard was having lunch but didn't reveal himself. While there, he inquired if Picard ever regretted not having a family, and Picard boasted that Starfleet was all the family he ever needed. Unbeknownst to Picard, at the time, his answer was why Crusher chose to not pursue a relationship with his father. (PIC: "No Win Scenario")

In 2401, he was tracked by Vadic, which led to his rescue by Jean-Luc Picard. Afterwards, he was trapped on the USS Titan-A during the evolved changelings' attack and subsequent commandeering of the ship. Jack was confined to quarters when it was learned that the changelings were interested in dormant Borg biological components in his DNA. Jack was able to escape, stealing a shuttle in order to seek out the Borg Queen. Once he arrived at her location, he was captured and assimilated under her supervision. (PIC: "Vox")

Criminal record[]

He was known as a criminal and con artist in both Federation and non-Federation space, and was associated with the aliases based on his given initials, including Jack Canby, John Carson, James Cole, Jarlis Carvel, Jeff Croosh, and Juddah Crusser. (PIC: "The Next Generation", "Disengage", "Imposters")

Crusher was a wanted criminal on numerous Federation and non-Federation worlds under a number of his aliases. As Jack Canby, he was wanted on Risa and Betazed. As John Carson, he was wanted on Trill, Cardassia Prime, and Rigel IV. Using the alias James Cole, Crusher was wanted for fraud on Minas V, possession of unregistered liquors on Bajor, and possession of unregistered arms on Archer IV. He also faced charges under the alias Jarlis Carvel. Captain Liam Shaw would later note the name "Jarlis Carvel" was his personal favorite, sarcastically remarking, "That one took a lot of imagination." (PIC: "Disengage")

Images of Crusher's various mugshot were utilized during his recovery by the crew of the USS Intrepid. The same images also appeared in Commander Ro Laren's undercover research implicated as being compromised by suspected Changeling infiltration into Starfleet, as it was included in the data files hidden on her Bajoran earring, she had managed to get to Admiral Picard shortly before her death. (PIC: "Imposters")

Crusher was later incorrectly diagnosed with Irumodic Syndrome after he told his mother about the nightmares and delusions he saw during the day. (PIC: "The Bounty")

Võx []


Jack as Võx

Son of Locutus


Võx was the designation given to Crusher by the Borg Queen. Prior to this choice, she had considered such names as "Regenerati" and "Puer Dei". (PIC: "Võx")

However, after Picard linked with his son, he was able to reach Jack inside of Võx and Jack rejected his Borg identity just before the Borg cube was destroyed by the USS Enterprise-D. (PIC: "The Last Generation")

Starfleet career[]

Crusher was later placed in an accelerated program and within a year was commissioned with the rank of ensign, serving as the special counselor to Captain Seven of Nine on the USS Enterprise-G.

While in his quarters on the ship, Crusher was approached by Q who revealed that while the trial of Humanity was over for Picard, it had only just begun for his son. (PIC: "The Last Generation")

Key dates[]



Background information[]

Jack Crusher was portrayed by Ed Speleers. The young Jack Crusher was voiced by Isabel Krebs in PRO: "Ouroboros, Part II".

In "No Win Scenario", Crusher agrees with Picard's supposition that he was 23-24 years old. Given that he was conceived after the events of Star Trek Nemesis (set in 2379), he can be no more than 22 years of age. Dialog also established that Picard and co. had been out of touch with his mother for "over 20 years," suggesting that he was no younger than 19/20 years of age. Crusher can be seen as a small child in "Ouroboros, Part II", set in late 2384.

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