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Kentucky-born Jack Hinkle (20 August 193811 August 2005; age 66) was part of the visual effects editorial for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, along with Vicky Witt. He went on to serve as film coordinator on the cult 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner and as a film negative editor on Douglas Trumbull's 1983 short film Big Ball.

As a member of the Entertainment Effects Group, Hinkle served as an assistant effects editor on the 1984 films Ghostbusters and 2010, alongside Dennis Michelson, the console display animator for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Martin November, who later became the assistant film editor for Star Trek Generations, was also an assistant effects editor on 2010.

Hinkle's last known credit was Robert Fleisher's 1989 sci-fi short film Call from Space, on which he worked as post-production supervisor. Hinkle died in Inverness, Florida, just a little over a week before his 67th birthday.

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