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Jackson Sleet is an actor who appeared as an alien miner in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fifth season episode "The Perfect Mate". He filmed his scenes on Friday 21 February 1992 on Paramount Stage 8. Starfleet uniform trousers worn by him were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Sleet worked as actor, background talent, and stand-in on various television series and films between 1982 and his retirement in 2009. He appeared in projects such as the science fiction comedy Project X (1987, with William Sadler, Robin Gammell, Daniel Roebuck, Ward Costello, Shelly Desai, Dick Miller, and Bob Minor), the comedy Down Periscope (1996, with Kelsey Grammer, Mitchell Danton, James Harper, Andrew English, and Steve Giralo), and television series such as Marrie with Children and Seventh Heaven (1999, with Catherine Hicks, Stephen Collins).

His work as stand-in includes the 1992 drama Mistress with Stefan Gierasch.

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