Jaheel was a Boslic freighter captain who docked at Deep Space 9 in 2369. At the time, he was transporting a shipment of Tamen Sasheer to Largo V.

After waiting two days for his antimatter flow converter to be readjusted on his ship, Jaheel asked Miles O'Brien to fix it and was told he'd have to wait even longer. This, combined with the perishable nature of his cargo, put Jaheel in an irritable mood. His attitude was later exacerbated when the entire station was placed under quarantine due to an outbreak of the aphasia virus. Jaheel himself became infected and nearly crippled the station when he tried to depart with his cargo, breaking the quarantine, even though he was still attached to the station through its mooring clamps. Jaheel's ship was destroyed, but he survived. (DS9: "Babel")

Jaheel was played by Jack Kehler.
His species was visually identified as Boslic, as he was described in the script only as "a wiry bearded alien". Additionally, his name was pronounced as "JAH-heel". [1]

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