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James Clyne is a film conceptual illustrator who did concept art for Star Trek along with Ryan Church. [1] Clyne and Church, both graduates of the Art Center College of Design, previously did concept art on the James Cameron film Avatar.

Clyne studied fine art and painting while attending the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). At the Art Center, he focused on transportation design, product design and entertainment design, graduating in 1996. He began his professional designing career working for video game companies such as Sega and Activision before moving on to films.

In 1996, Clyne worked as a commercial storyboard artist for Digital Domain. In 1999, he worked for Industrial Light & Magic as a concept designer on the Star Trek parody Galaxy Quest. Prior to Star Trek, Clyne worked for Paramount Studios on the films War of the Worlds, Charlotte's Web, and, most recently, Transformers (which, like Star Trek, was written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci).

Clyne's additional film credits include a number of films for Warner Bros. Pictures, including The Fountain, Troy, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His work for Fox Studios includes Minority Report (starring Neal McDonough) and X-Men: The Last Stand (starring Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, and Kelsey Grammer). Other film credits include a live-action film version of the manga Akira and the post-apocalyptic science fiction film 2012.

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