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James Ingersoll (born 8 January 1948; age 72) is a prolific character actor who appeared as a Risian man in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Two Days and Two Nights".

He has also appeared on such television shows as Emergency!, Kolchak: The Night Stalker (starring John Fiedler), The Rockford Files, McCloud (starring Diana Muldaur), Quincy, M.E. (with Marc Alaimo, Robert Ito, Garry Walberg, and Jason Wingreen) The Six Million Dollar Man, The Waltons, Cheers, Knight Rider, MacGyver (with Vince Deadrick), Murder, She Wrote (with Heidi Swedberg and William Windom), JAG (with Steven Culp and D. Elliot Woods), The Practice (with Megan Cole, Tim Ransom, and John Rubinstein), and The West Wing (with Michael Nouri). Ingersoll also appeared with TOS star William Shatner and DS9 actor James Darren on T.J. Hooker and Enterprise star Scott Bakula and fellow guest star Dean Stockwell on Quantum Leap.

His film credits include Midway (1976, with Glenn Corbett, Phillip Richard Allen, and Robert Ito), 'the science fiction horror film comedy Alligator (1980), All Night Long (1981, with William Daniels, Faith Minton, Jessie Lawrence Ferguson, and Hamilton Camp), and 1986's Back to School (with Terry Farrell, Robert Picardo, Sally Kellerman, Adrienne Barbeau, and Michael McGrady).

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