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James McElroy is an actor who was featured in several roles during the first four seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and in the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise. As a background actor he received no credit for his appearances. He filmed his scenes in the transporter room in the first season episode "Angel One" on Thursday, 12 November 1987 on Paramount Stage 9. McElroy's first Star Trek role was the part of one of the Selay delegates. He auditioned for this part and shot it in two days, the scenes in the transporter room being the first scenes to be shot. His makeup was applied by Michael Westmore and he had a makeup call of about 4:30 am. His harness from the third season episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" was later sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [2] According to the call sheets he was scheduled to appear in Ten Forward scenes in the fourth season episode "Galaxy's Child" and in theater scenes in the episode "The Nth Degree" but was not part of the final episode.

In the more recent years, McElroy appeared in episodes of Criminal Minds (2007, with David Bowe), Desperate Housewives (2006 and 2007, with Teri Hatcher, Brenda Strong, Woody Porter, and Pamela Kosh), The Sarah Silverman Program (2007, with Sarah Silverman), and Mike & Molly (2010), in the television sport comedy Three Strikes (2006), in the crime thriller Domino (2005, with Stanley Kamel, Patrick Kerr, Mark Newsom, Morgan Nagler, Michael Papajohn, and Paul Sklar), the crime drama Lesser of Three Evils (2007, with Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Brian Thompson, Chris Torres, and Marlene Sosebee), and the drama The Social Network (2010, with Marybeth Massett, Wallace Langham, Scott Lawrence, and Darin Cooper).

In addition, McElroy worked as stand-in for Timothy Hutton on the 2009 comedy Serious Moonlight, as photo double for Kyle Chandler on J.J. Abrams' mystery thriller Super 8 (2011) and as stand-in on the television comedy series Kath & Kim (2008-2009) and Happily Divorced (2011-2013). Other projects include episodes of The New Adventures of Old Christine, The Office, Entourage, Will & Grace, Parenthood, Torchwood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Suburgatory.

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