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James "Jim" Mees (10 August 195529 March 2013; age 57) was a set decorator who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation beginning with its second season, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Mees' work on Star Trek netted him an Emmy Award as well as an additional four nominations.

In the sixth season of TNG, a running gag behind the scenes began: the Mees panel. Similar to the Jefferies tube of the The Original Series, the Mees panel referred to the oft-used circuitry panels aboard the USS Enterprise-D, painstakingly (and expensively) designed and constructed by Mees and his team. Other in-universe terms named after Mees include Theta Mees, J. Mees and Captain James Mees. Mees was interviewed in 2002 for the special feature section of the TNG Season 6 DVD and talked about the set decoration and the reuse of furniture.

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Before working on Star Trek, he worked on numerous rock shows as an Assistant Art Director for bands including Earth, Wind and Fire and The Beach Boys. In the late 1970s, he began working for The Lawrence Welk Show before moving onto The Jeffersons, and eventually Star Trek. Other credits as set decorator include the television series Gloria (1982), One Day at a Time (1982-1984), It's Your Move (1984), The Jeffersons (1984), Who's the Boss? (1984-1985), Valerie (1986-1987), Perfect Strangers (1986-1987), the television drama Second Serve (1986, with Louise Fletcher, Kerrie Keane, and Alice Krige), and the documentary Warner Bros. Celebration of Tradition, June 2, 1990 (1990).

In 1995 Mees relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he was hired to work on projects such as commercials, furniture, theme parks, private homes, office buildings, and even a fashion runway extravaganza for Giorgio Armani. Following his time out he moved back to California in 1997 and started to work on the fourth season of Star Trek: Voyager.

Further work includes the television series Threshold (2005), E-Ring (2006), Vanished (2006), Gilmore Girls (2007), Cold Case (2008), Women's Murder Club (2007-2008, starring Linda Park), 90210 (2008-2009), Lie to Me (2009), Private Practice (2009-2010), and Bones (2011).

Mees passed away on 29 March 2013 due to the effects of pancreatic cancer. [1]

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Jim Mees received the following Emmy Award win and nominations in the category Outstanding Individual Achievement in Art Direction for a Series:

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