James T Kirk (android)

The Kirk android

In 2266, Roger Korby used the android duplicator to make a very close copy of Captain Kirk, the Kirk Android. This machine was designed to impersonate Kirk so that Korby could obtain the itinerary of the USS Enterprise and select a colony suitable to his plans.

During the copying of memories, the original Kirk kept the phrase "Mind your own business Mr. Spock! I'm sick of your halfbreed interference, do you hear?" in the forefront of his consciousness. At a point when it was distracted, the duplicate used this phrase -- completely out of character for Kirk. This alerted Spock to the fact that the real Kirk was in trouble.

After it returned to Exo III, the duplicate of Kirk was destroyed by Andrea, who subsequently claimed that she "was not programmed for alarms", and that she "listened to [Korby's] instructions, obeyed them as stated." (TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?")

Andrea destroyed the Kirk Android after it refused to kiss her. Perhaps this is because the real Kirk had created an emotional connection within her when he kissed her earlier, and she was angry at what she saw as rejection.
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